The secret ingredient

Some people have a knack for cooking. The rest of us need a little help. With clever tools that make it easier to do two (or five) things at once. Durable tools that make it more fun to master a new recipe – even if it takes a few tries. And ways to store and save food so that we can be a little less wasteful.

Enjoy the season (for a change)
A long table ready for baking with mixing bowls, glass carafes with milk, tea towels and aprons.
Close-up of pastry cutters in the shape of a heart, gingerbread dough and a rolling pin.
Fall in love with cookies! We’ve got the dough, and all the utensils you need to get the holiday vibe and enjoy baking together.
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VINTER 2016 Pastry cutter, set of 2 RM10.90 VINTER 2016 Pastry cutter, set of 2 RM10.90
SÄLLSKAP collection - limited edition
A white stoneware soup terrine with green handles, seen from above.
Share a bowl of soup with as many as you can fit around the table. A four-leaf clover in the bottom of the terrine not only looks great, but is sometimes said to bring good luck to the dinner crowd.
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SÄLLSKAP Soup tureen RM99
Utensils for preparing in style
A potato masher in stainless steel with a black plastic handle. Shown together with a pot filled with mashed potatoes.
Prepare and measure food with VARDAGEN kitchen utensils made in durable stainless steel and designed to never go out of style.
VARDAGEN Potato masher RM24.90
For serious little chefs
Close-up of a girl wearing an apron.
For more cooking fun, TOPPKLOCKA child apron and chef hat give the look of a professional chef with all the real functionality of wear.
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TOPPKLOCKA Children’s apron with chef’s hat RM23.90
Fresh from the oven