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Make your dream wardrobe come true

If you want to save space in style, our range of sliding wardrobe doors is just the thing. Sliding wardrobe doors take up less space than hinged doors, giving you more room to get ready each morning. With our PAX series you can unleash your inner designer and create your own totally unique wardrobe combination. Our easy-to-use PAX planner will help you explore different combinations and calculate the exact price of your wardrobe. Or why not explore our range of pre-designed wardrobe combinations.

Did you know? All of our PAX sliding wardrobe doors come with a FREE 10 year guarantee.

UGGDAL pair of sliding doors, grey glass Width: 200 cm Built-in depth: 8.0 cm Height: 236 cm
pair of sliding doors
Width: 200 cm, Built-in depth: 8.0 cm, Height: 236 cm More options
Measure Twice, Build Once!
Measure Twice, Build Once!
PAX wardrobe planner
Check that your ceiling is high enough to accommodate the wardrobe height of your choice to avoid building it twice!
The minimum ceiling height required for the 201cm frame is +210cm (+82.7")
With your room measured, use the online PAX wardrobe planner and customise PAX wardrobe to suit your need and style.
PAX wardrobe comes in two heights 201cm (79.1") and 236cm (93")
Measure the width and most importantly your room height before planning.
For the 236cm frame, you require a minimum ceiling height of +244cm (+96")
HURDAL pair of sliding doors, light brown Width: 150.0 cm Built-in depth: 7.5 cm Height: 236.0 cm
pair of sliding doors
Width: 150.0 cm, Built-in depth: 7.5 cm, Height: 236.0 cm More options