IKEA Bed Buyer's Guide

Wherever you go to in your dreams, go to IKEA to find your perfect bed. Because our designers know all about comfort, and deep, restful sleep. The best piece of advice we can offer those of you looking for a bed is to read our informative bedroom buying guide, and come to the store to experience the reality of comfort. The softness of a mattress and how pliable it is. The quality of the materials, and the support and pressure relief each design of bed provides. Dreams may be a figment of your imagination. But comfort is definitely not.

Our bed buying guide is split into 3 sections.

Choosing your perfect bed

Bed frames with slatted bases

You can have a bed with a slatted base by combining a sprung, foam or latex mattress with a slatted bed base. The bed slats provide a seat for your mattress to sit. More slats, more comfort. A curved slat provides more cushioned support than a solid slat. And an adjustable slatted base adjusts to your body weight and increases the suppleness of your mattress. If you choose a sprung mattress, you can also opt to add a mattress topper.

Complete the bed by choosing a bed frame. Bed frames are more decorative than divan beds, giving you the chance to show off your style. Choose from a modern or a traditional frame to suit your taste.

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Bed Frames with Slats

Beds with storage

A storage bed can save valuable floor space by turning your bed into a smart storage solution. Use the underbed drawers to store everything from your spare bedding to your seasonal clothes. Or try the SULTAN ALSARP ottoman bed that lifts up to reveal hidden storage underneath. It is easy to open and close, thanks to something special called a gas feather. Just lift the mattress and base together, in one simple action to reveal the spacious storage capacity underneath.

Complete the bed with a sprung, foam or latex mattress. If you choose a sprung mattress, you can also opt to add a mattress topper.

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Beds with Storage

Continental beds

A continental bed, also known as a divan bed, consists of a sprung mattress with a mattress base and mattress topper. Add some low bed legs and your continental bed is complete. It is not suitable with a bed frame. It is possible to turn your bed into a storage solution with the SULTAN ALSARP ottoman bed.

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Divan Beds

Guest & Day Beds

A guest or day bed can transform from a sofa by day to a bed by night. The perfect solution for overnight guests. Most guest beds come with in-built storage, to store bedding and pillows during the day. You can even pull out the storage drawer to reveal a double bed with most of our guest beds.

You can choose between a foam, latex or sprung mattress with our guest beds. If you plan to use the daybed as a double then choose two single foam or latex mattress. Ensure you check the size of the guest bed when choosing your mattress, as some require a small single size (80cm x 200cm).

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Guest and Day Beds

IKEA bed and mattress sizes explained

Not all of our IKEA beds and mattresses are the same size as standard UK sizes. In fact, we offer you even more room to stretch your legs on our single, double and king size beds and mattresses. We also offer standard UK sizes on selected mattresses.
IKEA and UK Bed Sizes
Bed Size Feet & Inches Inches Centimeters
IKEA (European) Small Single 2 feet 8” x 6 feet 6” 32” x 78” 80cm x 200cm
IKEA (European) Single 2 feet 6” x 6 feet 6” 30” x 78” 90cm x 200cm
UK Single 3 feet x 6 feet 3” 36” x 75” 90cm x 190cm
IKEA (European) Double 4 feet 7” x 6 feet 6” 55” x 78” 140cm x 200cm
UK Double 4 feet 6” x 6 feet 3” 54” x 75” 135cm x 190cm
IKEA (European) King Size 5 feet 2” x 6 feet 6” 62” x 78” 160cm x 200cm
UK King Size 5 feet x 6 feet 6” 60” x 78” 150cm x 200cm
IKEA (European) Super King Size 6 feet x 6 feet 6” 72” x 78” 180cm x 200cm
UK Super King Size 6 feet x 6 feet 6” 72” x 78” 180cm x 200cm

Soft, medium, firm? It all depends on you.

We are all individuals, with individual shapes, sizes and sleeping habits. That’s why it’s important to understand the different materials and mattress firmness available. Let’s start with mattress firmness. IKEA mattresses are available in three different types of firmness: soft, medium and firm.

The weight and height table gives you a brief guide to how firm a mattress you need. Why not pick two different levels of firmness that are suitable for your weight and try them both. The key thing is for the mattress to mould to your body and give support and pressure relief.
Choosing the right mattress for your height and weight

Your sleeping position is important.

Your body needs a different amount of support depending on whether you sleep mostly on your stomach, your back or your side – so your mattress needs the appropriate level of firmness. How do you sleep?
If you tend to sleep on your side, you might like to try a softer mattress and a high pillow that allows your shoulders and hips to sink down while the rest of your body is supported.
If you sleep on your back most of the time, you could need a medium firm mattress and use a medium high pillow that provides better support for your neck and the small of your back.
If you mostly sleep on your stomach, then you ought to pick a firmer mattress and use a lower pillow that reduces the strain on your neck muscles.

Use our interactive mattress guide to quickly find the right mattress according to your sleeping style.

Sprung, foam or latex? Just ask your body.

There are three different mattress materials to choose from. Some people prefer sprung mattresses, while some like foam and others latex. You are the only person who can decide what feels best for you.


Sprung mattresses have extremely good resilience and excellent ventilation. There are three different types of sprung mattress to choose from.

Bonell springs are shaped like an hourglass. They are the simplest of our springs and give firm support.

Pocket springs move independently of each other and give support that closely follows how your body moves.

Active pocket springs react to different centres of gravity in your body and distribute the pressure evenly, providing support precisely where you body needs it.

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Foam moulds itself to your body and provides firm support while also being soft and resilient. Foam mattresses are available in three different types of foam and even have washable covers made from stretch fabric.

Polyurethane foam is flexible, pliable and retains its shape well. It is made in different densities to suit different body weights.

High elastic foam is denser that polyurethane foam. It is better suited to heavier body weights and provides more precise support.

Memory foam moulds itself to the contours of your body and provides optimum pressure distribution. This improves blood circulation to muscles and skin, letting you sleep more deeply and allowing you to relax completely.

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Latex is a natural material manufactured from sap produced by the rubber tree, and also synthetically. Latex provides precise support to the whole body and is both pliable and strong. The material also promotes air circulation and carries away moisture. Natural latex is softer, but which type will suit you best is more a question of taste.

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Trying mattresses at the store.

The only way to know which mattress feels best for you is to come to the store for a bit of a lie-down.
  • Take your time. Lie down for at least 10 minutes.
  • Make yourself comfortable, take off your coat, get into your preferred sleeping position. Make sure that you have a pillow and snuggle down like you would at home.
  • Try lots of mattresses! When you feel comfy on the bed – not merely perched on top or sinking right into it - that’s when you’ve found the right mattress.
  • Ask our trained staff in the bed department for help.

Love It Or Exchange It

Choosing a mattress is a big decision but we certainly don’t want you losing any sleep over it. We know that first impressions may not last and that really getting to know each other takes time. So when you’ve chosen your mattress take it home and try it out. For up to 90 days if you like! If the chemistry isn’t right simply bring it back to the IKEA store and choose another.

You may exchange your mattress once within 90 days if you don’t love it, provided that it is not dirty, marked or damaged. Simply take your mattress back to the IKEA store with your receipt and we will help you find one that suits you better.

Read the full terms and conditions.

Free 25-Year Guarantee

We spend a third of our lives in bed. So we know it’s important to choose a quality mattress that is going to last. That’s why we offer a free 25-Year guarantee on all our SULTAN mattresses.

For full terms and conditions click here.

Duvet & Pillow Guide

And you shouldn’t stop at your bed and mattress. For the perfect cosy night’s sleep it’s important to choose the right pillows and duvets. Check out our quilts and pillows guide to finish your perfect your night's sleep.