VARDAGEN Measuring cup, glass, 34 oz
VARDAGEN Measuring cup, glass, 34 oz
VARDAGEN Measuring cup, glass, 34 oz
VARDAGEN Measuring cup, glass, 34 oz
Article Number703.303.99

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Do not use sharp or hard objects inside the measuring cup since they may cause the glass to break.Wash this product before using it for the first time.Designer


  • Heat resistant glass
  • VARDAGENMeasuring cupArticle Number:703.303.99
    Width: 6 ¼ "Height: 5 "Length: 6 ½ "Weight: 11 ozPackage(s): 1

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34 oz


Glass measuring cupMICHAELLove the size and weight, but the glass is thin and crackers in high heat like the dishwasher. Bought new one and only hand wash.4
Great for measurements when IKathleenGreat for measurements when I need 4 cups of something for baking or cooking. Must better than a 2 cup5
LOVE this measuring cup!AlisaThis is an accurate measurement and holds up well in the dishwasher. sturdy handle too,5
glass is too thinREGIEglass is too thin1
Glass Measuring Cup - Taller and Slimmer than PyrexHelenThank God packing was good that the cup didn't arrive broken (phew). It's bigger than I need but I like the measurements indicator on this size better than the smaller measuring cup. Not sure when measurement indicator differs on the size. My only somewhat disappointment is that the glass feels very thin so it might break easily than the standard PYREX brand measuring cup.5
It Pours!JulieYes, it seems strange, but all Pyrex measuring cups require a VERY slow pour otherwise the contents runs down the front and all over the counter. This measuring cup pours beautifully at a reasonable speed. They can be fragile, so I have broken one or two. But, I love these so much, that I have no problem making a trip to IKEA to purchase another.5
love itFranceslove it5
Measure CupCONNIEPerfect! Looks nice.5
Needs marks for 1/3, 2/3LynneNeeds marks for 1/3, 2/3 measure on the side as well. Otherwise it works like I expected it to work.4
Was worrying about the materialYhosilaWas worrying about the material too thin. But so far it does its job and we always wash it in dishwasher without any issue.5
Measuring chemicals for photo finishing - who does their own negative developing anyway?GlynnBeeIdeal size to use for measuring and collecting chemicals related to developing B&W negatives.5
Perfect glass measuring cup.Brookview2I try not to use plastic for anything in the kitchen so this cup does the job for me.5
Vardagen measuring cupDeitzThis fits perfectly in my Keurig5
Broke within a weekMelomeliThe measuring cup cracked with a hole on the bottom after 2 uses. Very flimsy glass.1
CAUSED A DISASTER IN MY KITCHEN, RUINED MY OUTFITMapilobI have three of these,two small ones and one big one. Today I was mixing the contents, liquid and not even hot ( pink lemonade) when a piece chipped off the bottom and all the contents spilled all over me and down my kitchen island into my kitchen towel basket and my hand mixer container. It happened so quick I couldn’t help it. The clean up wasn’t quick though and now I’m left with Ruined clothes my Vintage kitchen towels are stained and I’m waiting to see if my hand mixer survived once I let it dry for a while. What a disaster!! I wasn’t even mixing vigorously. SO DISAPPOINTED!!!1
Too thin to be functionalSunymoonThe glass is so thin that a spoon hit it and it cracked.1
it does what it"s supposed to dochloechoateLightweight and large enough. I do my pancake mix here without having to use another measuring cup, and pour it directly to the pan.5
Needs to be sturdierPixie412I loved this and always said it was my favorite item in my kitchen but was always concerned that one day it would break because it seemed fragile. I was right. I was melting chocolate chips with warm cream (not boiling) in this measuring cup and all of a sudden I heard a pop and a chunk of glass broke off the side, toward the bottom. Melted chocolate and cream EVERYWHERE! Such a mess and waste of chocolate! Please keep the design but make it sturdier.2
Geeky container for plant based solutionsSewHappyI bought this to use with the pour over coffee system, but I also use it for heating water. We like it because it looks like a lab beaker and because it is easy to handle.5
Glass measuringLaurenc11Very light easy to pour liquids5
VARDAGEN Measuring cup, glass, 34 oz

Designing for the tastes of people around the world

Do you sometimes cook dishes from other cultures? Then you’re part of an international trend called transculturalism. It basically means that global cooking and eating habits are a lot more similar than you may think. How can we cater for this trend? We designed the VARDAGEN series with products that can be used in multiple ways. In Swedish, VARDAGEN means “every day”, which is just how the products are meant to be used, no matter where you live.

“Consumers have access to cultural diversity in cooking and eating from all over the world,” explains Ina Tidbeck Sjöblom, who helped create the products. “They want to taste the best of all cultures, which means that it’s not only in Asia that we need eating products for sushi.”

Creating products for all our differences (and similarities)

The VARDAGEN products are designed to turn differences into similarities. Like the eggcup. “We did it in a shape that it’s more like a very small dip bowl,” explains Ina. “So it’s also for Asian eating, you know the bowl where you put chili paste and other condiments.” Another bowl has just the right size and shape to be a rice bowl in Asia, but it can also be used as a side-salad or cereal bowl.

Answering the global demand for durability

VARDAGEN is uniquely suited to the global market—catering to the different needs of eaters. One thing people all over the world seem to agree on is the importance of durability. “We know from all the studies and research we do that people don’t want to buy and throw away things, they want to buy something that lasts,” says Ina. That’s why VARDAGEN is made from durable and sustainable materials, like glass, porcelain and stainless steel. That means, just like the name VARDAGEN suggests, they’ll be useful every day for many days to come.

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Measuring cup, glass34 oz

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VARDAGEN Measuring cup, glass, 34 oz