SUCCULENT Potted plant, assorted species plants, 4 "
SUCCULENT Potted plant, assorted species plants, 4 "
SUCCULENT Potted plant, assorted species plants, 4 "
SUCCULENT Potted plant, assorted species plants, 4 "
SUCCULENT Potted plant, assorted species plants, 4 "
SUCCULENT Potted plant, assorted species plants, 4 "
SUCCULENT Potted plant, assorted species plants, 4 "

This plant is easy to care for and can survive a long time without water. Perfect if you’re not a natural gardener. Did you know that plants can boost your well-being and make your home feel more vibrant?


Product details

Native to arid areas all over the world.Easy care plant.Ideal office plant.This plant is sensitive to cold water and under-watering, which may cause the leaves to fall off.
  • Plant/ Substrate:Cultivated potted plant
    OthersOnly for decoration. Not suitable for consumption.
    PlacementFor indoor usePlace in a bright and sunny area.
    TemperatureMinimum temperature 54º F (12°C).
    WaterWater sparingly.
  • SUCCULENTPotted plantArticle Number:601.972.30
    Length: 6 "Weight: 1 lb 0 ozDiameter: 6 "Package(s): 1

Product size

Diameter of plant pot: 
4 "
Height of plant: 
7 ¾ "


NiceCHERYLGreat cactus5
I ♥️JennyI ♥️5
Great SucculentsIsa G.Excellent quality and nice selection! I have been recommending your store to fellow succulent growers in our Facebook group!5
Nice succulentsBonny M.Very nice succulents but unfortunately they died on me because I didn’t know how to care for them.3
Love!!LoriI mixed this with the cactus to make an adorable succulent garden.5
Haworthia 4"ChristineI like to grow haworthias and try to find varieties that I do not have already. Ikea usually has something that is not carried at the chain stores for a reasonable price. Price is a big factor since sometimes the plants are bruised and not in perfect condition. Best is when the shipment has just arrived within a day or two. Quality of the plants have always been good. Just wish the employees would not overwater the succulents.4
Nice plantJuneNice plant, good condition and is surviving5
Bloom where you are plantedChristmasMy succulent obsession started when I realized how easy they are to maintain. I even decided that they needed to be everywhere in my home. I am trying not get anymore.5
GoodAnnie H.Good4
Died quicklyDEBBIEDied quickly2
Looks great in any room!Skelly13I am wanting to try my hand at keeping plants alive. So I figured this plant would be a great start. I bought it about 3 weeks ago, and so far so good! I plan on buying more because this plant fits in any room in my house!5
Love succulents100pickledThese are very healthy! Paired them with the silver metal pots!5
Cool Succulent!sharonb62So happy to have found this fun succulent at such a great price! It's healthy and growing well.5
Don"t overlook IKEA!!!!BrodyJamesIKEA is very underrated when it comes to live plants. Their selection is always very versatile, not only in pot/plant sizes, but in the variety of plants they offer. Their price point is more often than not, right on the mark, making them a great place to pick up a little greenery for your space.5
Cute and HealthyLeesaRI bought this to create a garden for our coffee table. It fit right in and is doing well.5
Nice Potted Plantcamjam99I bought this plant less than a week ago, but it is the perfect addition to liven up a room. The small size is super convenient for more cramped spaces, and it doesn't require much to look after it. This plant is great, and I'm happy that I got a chic, yet earthy item that spruces up a room with little need to be looked after!4
great plantgottogogreat lil plant and it’s real from ikea4
KqtigerCute and still alive. Great for the price.5
Love the variety of offeringsDxoGThe succulent section is always on my list when shopping Ikea. Good selection, plants are in good condition and fairly priced.5
Love plants at IKEAUnaMojitaWe bought this as a classroom mini “pet” plant for my daughter’s science class. Hearty and doing well. Love IKEAs plants. They are hearty and healthy! Please keep the plant section of IKEA going.5

Potted plant, assorted species plants4 "

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SUCCULENT Potted plant, assorted species plants, 4 "