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This plant is easy to care for and can survive a long time without water. Perfect if you’re not a natural gardener. Did you know that plants can boost your well-being and make your home feel more vibrant?

Article Number104.267.24

Product details

Decorate your home with plants combined with a plant pot to suit your style.

Article Number104.267.24
  • Native to arid areas all over the world.

    Easy care plant.

    Ideal office plant.

    Sensitive to repotting.

    Give your plants a boost with fertilizer every month. If you notice that the plant has gone dormant, leave it be until next season.

    IKEA provides all potted plants with nutrient-rich soil, repotting is not needed until 1 year after purchase.

    Remove dust every now and then in order to allow the plant to get as much light as possible.

    The height of the plants can vary.

  • Main parts:

    Tempered glass

    Plant/ Substrate:

    Cultivated potted plant




    Minimum temperature 41°F.


    Only for decoration. Not suitable for consumption.


    For indoor use

    Place in a bright and sunny area.


    Water sparingly.

  • We want to have a positive impact on the planet. That is why by 2030, we want all materials in our products to be recycled or renewable, and sourced in responsible ways.


Diameter of plant pot: 2 ½ "

Height of plant: 2 ¾ "

    Plant with potArticle Number104.267.24

    Length: 6 "

    Weight: 1 lb 2 oz

    Diameter: 4 ¾ "

    Package(s): 1


Great price for succulentsTerriGreat price for succulents5
Cute little plant.Angelin M.Cute little plant.5
Cheaper elsewhereSTiny succulent; tiny pot; not worth the price at Ikea. Other stores have very similar succulents for lower prices. I transplanted it into a larger pot. I purchased it only because I needed to spend my birthday-month credit of $10.2
Cute little guyERICAThis is just the most recent plant I've bought at Ikea. They're all doing well and I'm very pleased. Nobody can beat Ikea's prices.5
Live plantsRhonda D.I look forward to the ‘end of the line’ while meandering thru IKEA. The live plant section can be so fun! Scored with a couple of succulents.5
super cute and great quality!SamanthaThese succulents are great for decorating up a little corner of your home or office. I also bought some as giveaways for a bridal shower.5
Quality plantsMICHAELIkea plants are good quality.4
Ikea plants!ZacharyIkea plants are amazing!5
Succulent PlantsRobertThe plants were all fine and are doing well in my home.5
SuzySuzetteIt’s the cuties succulent. I need to go get more. And dare I say the obvious - Yup; the price is right.5
Needed supportMichelleThe succulent seemed to need a lot of TLC3
New additionTania C.Perfect for my small apartment.5
Succulent PlantsPoohbare5These are super cute on my dining tablec centerpiece decor, but I accidentially overwatered on and killed---sad. I wll purchase more they are very cute and easy to take care of.5
Adorable Succulent in a Cute Pot!sharonb62Easy to grow and in good condition, I'm very happy with my new little plant!5
Tiny and adorableAllTradesJaneGrabbed these on a whim and they are a) still alive and b) a happy addition to the window sill5
Cheri DeaneRe-potted plant, and looks great!5
these are so cute!ipphibbsi just love these little guys! they fit perfectly just about anywhere and bring a little life to our home decor. word or warning they need VERY little attention (i killed my first one) water once per week with a small amount of water!5
Very cute- But: bought 4 and 2 died in a monthMartini28Very cute with the little pots, 2 of them died within a month, the other 2 are still around.3
Easy CareDJC9Bring a little life in your space.... I have SUCCULENT Plant in my bathroom, on bookcases and in my kitchen. love them5

SustainabilityPeople and planet

Sustainable life at home

Care thrives in green leaves

Did you know that if you take care of your plants, they’ll take care of you? We have long known that plants are an easy way to make your home more pleasant. But we also wanted to find out if and how they affect our health. We found answers to our questions in a study we carried out with the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. Plants are indeed good for our well-being. Our green friends can help us to be more creative and also reduce stress – care thrives in their green leaves!


What is glass?

Glass is mainly made of sand, soda, and lime melted at a high temperature. Tempering or various additives gives you extra-strong and impact-resistant glass that in some cases can be taken straight from freezer to oven without cracking. A big benefit is how glass can be recycled over and over without the quality deteriorating. Also, a lot less energy is needed to melt recycled glass compared to new raw materials. Our goal is to eventually use only recycled glass in our range.

Function solution

Forgiving when you forget to water it

The succulent is easy-care and can survive a long time if you forget to water it since it saves water in the thick leaves and the stem. Perfect if you’re not a natural gardener or if you prefer to have the plant at the office. Place it in a sunny place indoors, and be careful not to water too often and with cold water - it doesn't like it. Did you know that plants can boost your well-being and make your home feel more vibrant?