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SOLHETTA LED bulb E12 450 lumen, globe opal

Price $ 5.49/2 pack
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Warm white

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This energy-efficient and long-lasting LED light bulb has a lifetime of approximately 25,000 hours. It spreads a pleasant warm-white light that allows the room's natural colors to come into their own.

Article Number805.301.14

Product details

LED light bulbs are both energy efficient and long-lasting, with a lifetime of approximately 25,000 hours which are two benefits that allow you to save money on both bulb replacements and electricity.

This LED light bulb spreads the same light as a traditional 40W light bulb – without flickering or emitting any sound.

The color rendering index (CRI) of a light bulb defines how well the light reflects true colors. A value above 80 is good and close to a natural light. This light bulb has an index of 90.

LED light bulbs are available with different color temperatures that make the light feel more or less warm. This particular light bulb emits a warm-white light (2,700 Kelvin).

The outer casing is made of durable plastic and can withstand temperatures from -4°F to 104°F (-20°C to +40°C).

Illuminates at full power immediately when you turn the lamp on.

The light bulb is not dimmable.


IKEA of Sweden


Color temperature: 2700 K

Diameter: 2 "

Luminous flux: 450 Lumen

Power: 3.3 W

Package quantity: 2 pack


My review of the bulbMoeleekIt's nice and bright and price reasonable.4
SolhettaTomVery bright and does the job just right5
Fits perfectlyJenGot an IKEA lamp for a work desk. The bulbs work perfectly and give the right amount of brightness4
Good light bulbs DianaI only wish that the lamp box clearly stated what type of lightbulbs the lamp needed so that I don’t have to weeks I returned to IKEA for the right ones.5
Excellent hard to find lamp. GeorgeThese little lamps are a great value. Finding the right lamp in E12 in LED can be daunting. These are perfect for a small fixture where a candelabra won’t fit. These are pretty bright at 450 lumens for such a small lamp. Excellent buy. 5
theyre goodVeronicabought a pack of 2 for my lamp i purchased & they are good they seem plastic so they wont really get hot if accidentally touched, they are perrty bright too.5
Perfect color for beside lamps LeanneThe color and brightness (or softness) is perfect for bedside lamps without being too wakeful. And being less they last for forever the only reason I bought more was re arranging a room so there is place to put a second one.5
Bought them for my lampIrisBought a new lamp and these were recommended5
Bad light bulb ChristopherLight bulb that goes with the lamp broke while putting it in the lamp, which damaged both the light bulb and the lamp. Customer service didn’t offer any solutions. 1
Just what was neededUlrikeperfect match to my Ikea glas bowl lamp.5
Nice bulbEdoI mean what more is there to say. It works.5
Something differentMariaSo far so good, bright4
did not fitFrancesThis did not fit in the Tagarp ikea lamp we have despite the lamp saying it's compatible for the E26 and E12 LED bulbs.1
It works and look great!MelodyWe are happy with our purchase, they Lights are great. I would totally recommend them5
FghbJabeenIts good5
WorkVictoria L.The bulbs work very well, provide cozy light with the lamp they fit, and generally do what they are designed to do.5
Super Bright!Emily P.These little bulbs are super bright. We have a lot of space without light, these bulbs light those spaces up better than most.5
Love itJaflan M.Very good5
OkSarushNot the bulbs I was looking for but they work well.5
SOLHETTA LED bulb E12 450 lumen, globe opal

More light with less energy

Do you usually stock up light bulbs at home, in case the light suddenly goes out? You don’t have to anymore. SOLHETTA LED lighting lasts longer, consumes less energy, and comes at a lower price than previous range. This is definitely our best light source – so far.

But how does the equation higher quality and lower price add up? “First and foremost, we have streamlined the supply since we have learnt what our customers want. Fewer types mean that they’re more cost-efficient to produce,” tells Gizem Harut, Product Developer in Lighting. “And with good suppliers, we can contribute to developing the business so that the components for the light bulbs always improve.”

Forget lighting the next 20 years

Ever since we first introduced LED bulbs, we’ve continued to test and develop them, but SOLHETTA is a massive leap forward. “Since they’re roughly 25% more energy-efficient than previous versions you save money on your electricity bill.” Another improvement is that each light bulb lasts longer, up to 25,000 hours. “Let’s say you have your light on for a couple of hours per day; then you don’t have to change the light bulb for another 20 years. It also means that significantly fewer light sources need to be produced and discarded.”

More natural colors

All man-made light is actually an imitation of the best light source in the universe – the sun. Also indoors, we want as good light quality as possible, and CRI (Color Rendering Index) is a way to measure how well a light source reproduces colors. It’s measured from 0 to 100 CRI, where 100 is perfect daylight. “In the work with SOLHETTA we’ve managed to improve the color reproduction of the LED light to 90 CRI in all types but one that measures 80 CRI. It gives a more natural and pleasant feeling – and shows the true colors of your home.”