NISSAFORS Utility cart, white, 19 7/8x11 3/4x32 5/8 "
NISSAFORS Utility cart, white, 19 7/8x11 3/4x32 5/8 "
NISSAFORS Utility cart, white, 19 7/8x11 3/4x32 5/8 "
NISSAFORS Utility cart, white, 19 7/8x11 3/4x32 5/8 "
NISSAFORS Utility cart, white, 19 7/8x11 3/4x32 5/8 "
NISSAFORS Utility cart, white, 19 7/8x11 3/4x32 5/8 "

This utility cart fits in the smallest of spaces and can be moved to wherever you need it. Use it as extra storage for all your kitchen utensils, desk accessories or for gloves, keys and mobile phones.


Product details

Perfect for use in your kitchen, bathroom or where you need some extra storage space.You can use the cart in different ways, including as an extra work area in the kitchen, as practical storage in the hall or as a different nightstand in your bedroom.The sturdy construction and four casters make it easy for you to move the cart and use it wherever you like. It even fits in tight spaces because of its small size.This trolley has been tested against our strictest standards for stability, durability and safety to withstand everyday use in your home for years.Casters included.Recommended for indoor use only.Designer

Ebba Strandmark

  • Steel, Powder coating
    Wipe dry with a clean cloth.Wipe clean with a water dampened soft cloth and a mild non-abrasive dish detergent or soap, if necessary.
  • NISSAFORSUtility cartArticle Number:404.657.33
    Width: 12 ½ "Height: 1 ½ "Length: 31 "Weight: 14 lb 12 ozPackage(s): 1

Product size

24 lb
19 7/8 "
11 3/4 "
32 5/8 "
Max. load: 
73 lb


Easy and sturdy!Mellie_xoxoI bought this by click and collect and It’s probably one of the EASIEST IKEA thing I’ve built. It took me about 20 minutes. I love it! Not even sure how someone spent 2 hours... but it’s easy.5
AwesomeGloeeI didnt read reviews before buying but I went to ikea knowing I needed a small cart. My purpose is to keep dog leashes,treats, harness, etc by our back door but also it is our kitchen. This looks great and was not hard to assemble. I stopped reading instructions at step 5 bc it was self explanatory. Some reviews made me laugh. I put this together with my 9 yr old and took us about 30 mins. I could of easily done it myself but kid wanted to help. This is very sturdy and rolls easily on kitchen woods floors. Fits my needs perfectly. The price was also right on point at 25 bucks.5
Very SturdyMelissaR13Awesome cart. Made really well, looks nice and holds all my fruits, potatoes and onions nicely in the pantry. Love it.5
Bigger than I expected!smack77sThis cart is much larger than I expected, but still has a very small overall footprint in my small apartment kitchen. It's been very good for storing items I use frequently but also looking tidy.5
Excellent!!Ebony NinjaPurchased to organize our bottled storage within the pantry. Using the cart to store bottled water, and various beverages.5
SturdyVLE1960I bought this about 5 months ago and put this in my kitchen. It's working well. The wheels roll easily. We sometimes put bbq items and roll it to the patio. So far it's been great.4
Cannot build. ReturningKorridahlThis looked great in the store. It would have fit perfectly in my space. However, the first instruction to build the top shelf is to 'push with your thumb on the little plastic bit until it clicks'. It does not click. I pushed with all my weight and all I did was send the plastic pin bit flying across the room. Repeatedly.1
Don’t order from Ikea during Covid19AlinquistI made an order at the beginning of May. It turned outI was going to need the item before IKEA could deliver it but there was no mechanism in place to cancel the order. Even as of June 1 the phone system listed on the website an in their emails would not let me speak to a person to cancel my order. I also sent multiple cancellation notices through their online customer service cancellation process. Even so, IKEA went ahead and sent my carts via FedEx a month after I began trying to cancel. I understand the challenges brought on by Covid19 but somehow other companies figured it out.1
HotrollersI bought this a while back for my art supplies and it’s worked out great .5
Didn’t come with enough toolsPsaraiThis looked so great in store. When I bought it I started to work on it and didn’t have enough inserts for the cart. Couldn’t order the parts through the store or customer service. So I still have a half put together cart I can’t use because the instructions said I only needed x amount of screws. But I actually needed double.1
Strong and sturdyLynna SueWe bought this a few months ago. It works perfect for us. Easy to clean behind and around with the most amazing smooth rolling wheels attached. We have it near the door in our kitchen. My husband put it together in a matter of minutes!5
Very SturdyLi is MeI purchase the cart about two months ago and am very pleased with it. I wasn't expecting it to be as sturdy as it is for the price I paid. I use the cart as a catch all storage cart in my kitchen to include holding a couple of gallons of water. Looks nice too.5
Perfect for cocktailsSharon JI keep this set up with cocktail essentials and it ticks out of the way when not needed but fully functions with just a roll!5
Returnedpsp7Returned the utility cart. I've put together dozens of furniture pieces and I found the plastic connectors terrible! The were difficult to push through the holes and many bent and were unusable. I gave up putting it together half way through.1
This could have been goodschopper23I recently bought this to have beside my recliner. It is the perfect size. However I broke the little brads that are supposed to hold 2 sections together. It pushed through the top layer but I could not hold the second layer to it and the brad broke without connecting the parts. I must either return it or see if IKEA ca assemble it for me at the store.3
H0neyI wish I could take this back! It’s cheesy, one of the plastic screws broke after a few uses and now one of the shelves is unusable.1
Seriously, It"s Easy to Put Together (Tips Inside)WIW1984The most negative review here might sound funny, but I'm not sure how they couldn't follow directions. I installed this by myself with no issues. Here are some tips just in case it's not that obvious. 1) Ok, the Do This/Don't Do This picture for Step 1 makes no sense. It just doesn't. The above bubble and common sense is all you need. Snap the shelves onto the brackets so the shelf rests ON the brackets, not UNDER...but yeah, that should be plainly obvious. 2) They don't tell you after Step 4, but again, it should be obvious to follow Steps 1-4 for the other two shelves. 3) Know how to use an Alan Wrench. They even show you the right position in the instructions. Don't use the short end, put the long end in the screws and use the short end as the handle. You get more movement per turn. You can do it the other way, but why waste all that time and frustration? That's it. Like I said, with some common sense, you don't even need tips. The manual is 3 pages. It's literally the 2nd easiest thing I've put together from IKEA. The first is a shelf I literally had to just PUT on the bookshelf. THAT is how easy it is to make this. The only thing I wish they added was one locking caster. I took a star off for that. It just seems lazy to not include it. I doubt the price bump from $25 would put anyone off.5
Hard to assembleJJay2Good product but the angles at which you need to screw in bits and pieces - VERY frustrating.3
BeauitifulMadalynnThis cart was love at first sight. I chose this over RASKOG utility cart because I liked that it was more square! My husband and I brought it home and I started working on this piece while he put together another item. It was difficult to put together alone. Once he helped and I was able to hold the two pieces together while he put the connector in, it was mostly a breeze to put together. The screws, especially for the bottom piece, can be a little difficult. The allen wrench that is included can only be turned in very short turns, making it take longer to put together. Just be patient and pay attention to the directions, and you'll be fine. I can't wait to use this piece!! It is stunning and a lot larger than the RASKOG utility cart.5
Good cart, but very tricky to assemblejlailBe VERY careful with the plastic snap pins, you only get 1 shot at placing them. If you mess up with the push through, they are unusable. I ended up having to use my own hardware instead. Also it's a little tricky to get screw in the allen-head screws with the angle of the allen-wrench needed (or very time consuming if you do quarter or half turns). I'd recommend getting a screwdriver with that size allen-head. The cart itself is now fine once I used my own hardware. BIG down-step in installation ease and parts from what I normally expect from IKEA.3

More space and less running

Would you like to have more space and less stressful dinners? A robust cart in the kitchen or a smart serving cart in the dining area can be helpful. A kitchen cart gives you an additional utility surface and space for fresh herbs or serving bowls and platters on the shelf underneath. With a serving cart in the dining area you'll have everything, from bottles to napkins, within easy reach, so you won't have to run to and from the kitchen. They are available in different styles and materials - one will surely suit your special needs and taste.

Utility cart, white19 7/8x11 3/4x32 5/8 "

NISSAFORS Utility cart, black, 19 7/8x11 3/4x32 5/8 "
NISSAFORS Utility cart, white, 19 7/8x11 3/4x32 5/8 "
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NISSAFORS Utility cart, white, 19 7/8x11 3/4x32 5/8 "