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MITTLED LED kitchen cntrtp lighting strip, dimmable white, 12 "

MITTLED LED kitchen cntrtp lighting strip, dimmable white,

Price $ 17.99
Dimmable with TRÅDFRI wireless dimmer, sold separately.
Product features
Works with IKEA Home smart Dimmable

How to get it

The lighting enhances both function and atmosphere in your kitchen and makes working in the kitchen less of a chore. Easy to install – no electrician needed.

Article Number904.725.14

Product details

It’s easy to soften the light in your kitchen when you dine or socialize because this worktop lighting is dimmable.

Preparing food and doing kitchen work is safer, easier and more fun when you have a good, even light across your countertop.

The LED light source consumes up to 85% less energy and lasts 20 times longer than incandescent bulbs.


IKEA of Sweden

  • Built-in LED light source.

    Approved for IP20.

    Light color: warm white (2700 Kelvin).

    Color Rendering Index (CRI): >90.

    The light source has a lifetime of approx. 25,000 hours. This corresponds to about 20 years if the lamp is on for 3 hours per day.

    If you mount several MITTLED worktop lightings, you need 1 VÅGDAL connection cord for each group of lighting strips to connect the lighting to TRÅDFRI LED driver.

    To be completed with TRÅDFRI LED driver, VÅGDAL connection cord, and FÖRNIMMA power supply cord, sold separately.

    To be completed with TRÅDFRI LED driver and ANSLUTA power cord, sold separately.

    This product is part of our smart home range. Connect it, along with other smart products, to DIRIGERA hub and IKEA Home smart app for more features and functions.

    Dimmable with TRÅDFRI wireless dimmer, sold separately.

  • Material
    Lamp house:
    Polycarbonate/ABS plastic

    Wipe clean with a dry cloth.

    Wipe dry with a clean cloth.


Length: 12 "

Luminous flux: 230 Lumen

Width: 1 "

Height: 1 "

Power: 3.3 W

  • MITTLEDArticle Number904.725.14

    Width: 1 ½ "

    Height: 1 ¼ "

    Length: 13 "

    Weight: 4 oz

    Package(s): 1


No plug?!DanI bought this in the store and am now at home realizing that it needed the plug which is sold separately. By the time I picked this up at ikea I was so fatigued… I really wish the box were clearer. Just write “no plug included”! Or you could just include the plug as an option in the box, seriously... I live very far away from the store so now I’ve got this useless thing for a year or so until I get back there.1
Light good remote not soSharonLove the light s under my cabinets. However the remote does not work easily when trying to turn on or dim the lights.4
Nice lightsGregGreat light. Did a whole kitchen install, light is warm and natural. I am handy with tools so install was easy, if your not have someone help. I wish they offered a shorter connection wire, ended up with a large mass of wires, (bundled them neatly) but it seemed unnecessary.5
Width and Height close to 1/2" -- so not 1"Leni​​I just measured this product here at home. Width and Height are each close to 1/2" -- so not 1" as stated on website. The height is important to me because I am trying to figure out how to hide these under cabinet lights. To 100% hide them, I was thinking of mounting the bottom of the cabinet a little more than 1/2 inch up from the bottom of the walls of the cabinet. Then I would panel the front portion of the underside of the cabinet with an IKEA panel (½ inch thick) and place the lights on the back portion of the underside so that they would be hidden behind the panel. I would like to know if for some reason this approach is not possible -- because if so, I will need to find other lights. I gave this product 3 stars because of the confusion created by the info on the website. But the product itself may be very good -- but since I haven't installed them yet, I can't comment on that.3
Nice touchTeresaIt is a nice touch to my kitchen5
Cove lightingChelseaWe put these above and below our cabinets. They make our kitchen warm and inviting.5
corner cabinetWe designed our kitchen on the planner and purchased it online. The lighting it auto populated doesn't seem to be correct. We have a corner cabinet. How do we connect these lights if they have to be straight?4
no way to connect lights togetherVinceI purchased 6 of these lights for my kitchen remodel and none of the lights came with a plug to plug them all together, instructions don't say this is a separate item and I don't know where to get it? Returning these lights.1
Easy to ensemble. Like theAleksandrEasy to ensemble. Like the quality and size. Easy to dizzying. Thank you5
Great lighting! Bright and dimmable…soChristinaGreat lighting! Bright and dimmable…so glad we purchased this for our kitchen remodel!!!5
Required cable not available for monthsAdrianI installed this product under cabinets then realized it requires the Vagdal connection cable. First of all this product listing doesn’t tell you it requires vagdal. Secondly this cable has been out of stock for over 3 months. How can IKEA continue to sell it with no warning that you will not be able to get all the parts you need or use the product unless you buy the cable on eBay for triple the cost.1
Undermount lightingLindaInstalled these on my new cabinets. Super easy to install and the light is so bright. Love them and so reasonable in cost.5
This light takes a expensiveJaneThis light takes a expensive plug assembly that I didnt realize when ordering on line so it was useless without. I returned it for price reasons and I didnt need more power crap clutter. I just wanted to plug it in and illuminate my dark area.1
Confusing as to which additional parts are needed.GarryNice lights and reasonably priced, though it's not intuitive as to which additional parts are needed. These parts are sold individually. In my case for example, I found out that in addition to the driver, remote control (optional) and a power cord, that I also need a connection cord to connect the lights to the driver. Unfortunately, there was no one in the lighting department to help and there was no instructional signage to guide me as to which parts were needed. Quite frustrating when you find this out later that your missing a part. I suggest looking in advance at the installation manuals on the IKEA website (under Product Details) to figure out your particular set up.3
Easy to installCharlesEasy to install5
Very nice light. Once you get all the parts.VincentThese are great lights. Once installed and hooked up, they're great. However to accomplish that, you have to find the LED driver/power unit, and the cord(s) to plug them in and buy them at the same time. Unfortunately, the pictures on the unit's are not clear at all as to what one needs, and there was no staff available. Between my SIL and me we finally figured it out, but the best option is look it all up before hand.4
Bad purchaseVerified BuyerI realized I needed to buy the power adapter, an extra expense which makes the product expensive in my opinion. The power adapter is bigger than the light itself.1
Looked goodLayalLooked good5
Looked goodLayalLooked good5
Research FirstjuneThis is a great idea. ‘Lights in our drawers!’ In concept. Not practice. It requires cutting holes into your cabinets to allow the electrical cord to feed out. Then you have a cord hanging out of your base cabinets and now you need an electrician to install an electrical outlet to plug into. And that’s not pretty or cheap.2


What is aluminium?

After iron, aluminum is the world's most used metal and has a very wide range of uses. It’s easy to shape and lightweight, but is still strong and durable. In our range we use it for things such as kitchen utensils, curtain rods and tealight cups. A big advantage with aluminum is that it can be recycled again and again without losing its quality. Recycling consumes only a fraction of the energy required to produce aluminum from new raw materials.