MILSBO Glass-door cabinet, white, 28 3/4x68 7/8 "
MILSBO Glass-door cabinet, white, 28 3/4x68 7/8 "
MILSBO Glass-door cabinet, white, 28 3/4x68 7/8 "
MILSBO Glass-door cabinet, white, 28 3/4x68 7/8 "
MILSBO Glass-door cabinet, white, 28 3/4x68 7/8 "

Some storage solutions are used to hide things. Not MILSBO glass-door cabinet. Here you can display your favorite collections for all to see. And with the included lock, they are kept safe and secure.

Article Number003.964.16

Product details

With a glass-door cabinet, you can show off as well as protect your glassware or your favorite collection.The glass shelves are adjustable so you can customize your storage as needed.The included lock allows you to store your things in a secure way, so that both you and your small children are safe.You can easily complete your glass-door cabinet with integrated lighting thanks to the cable outlet at the top.The glass shelves allow light to spread throughout the entire cabinet.Lock and 2 keys included.3 adjustable shelves included.Prepared for lighting, sold separately.We recommend you secure this furniture to the wall with the enclosed safety device to prevent it from tipping over.Handle with care! A damaged edge or scratched surface can cause the glass to suddenly crack and/or break. Avoid collisions from the side - this is where the glass is most vulnerable.Different wall materials require different types of fasteners. Use fasteners suitable for the walls in your home.Two people are required to do the assembly.Designer

Jonas Hultqvist

  • Glass panels/ Adjustable shelf:Tempered glass
    Metal parts/ Leg frame:Steel, Epoxy/polyester powder coating
    Frame/ Leg:Aluminum, Epoxy/polyester powder coating
    GlassWipe clean with a damp cloth. Use only water or window-cleaner.Wipe dry with a clean cloth.
    FrameWipe clean using a damp cloth and a mild cleaner.Wipe dry with a clean cloth.
  • This product comes as 2 packages.
    MILSBOGlass-door cabinetArticle Number:003.964.16This product has multiple packages.
    Width: 15 ½ "Height: 3 ¾ "Length: 64 ¼ "Weight: 68 lb 2 ozPackage(s): 1
    Width: 15 ½ "Height: 3 ½ "Length: 32 "Weight: 36 lb 2 ozPackage(s): 1

Product size

28 3/4 "
16 1/2 "
68 7/8 "
Max load/shelf: 
11 lb


Great products, confusing directionsJohnLove the products, but always have difficulties with the "subtle" nuances in the directions. This one was on the amount of turns to give the screws.4
Perfect case for my collectiblesGabrielleI love this case! It was pretty easy to put together and I was able to do most of it myself, but you will need an extra set of hands when dealing with the side and back panes of glass. Handle those with extra care and make sure to support them when lifting them up. I handled them very carefully but I could still see them bowing a bit when I lifted them out of the box. That being said I still highly recommend this, the adjustable shelves are an awesome perk, and I’d definitely buy one again.5
Great display for my son’sKevinGreat display for my son’s legos5
Great Display!jasb3hRecently bought this for some collectible toys we wanted to display rather than store away in a box. Wish we could have more shelves as an option since heights are adjustable. Putting the side and back glass in is a little scary because you don’t want to crack it.4
Great Cabinet!! Need more shelves!!!Chris2784Went together pretty easy. Side and rear glass were a little tricky but not bad. Wish you were able to purchase more shelves and brackets to hold the shelves up. I use this for miniatures so they are not that tall and can use about 3-4 more shelves. Other than that love the locking and magnetic doors.4
Great display cabientcltom987I brought this cabinet about a month or two ago and was easy for my son to put together. The price was nice too. I only wish it had another shelf.5
IrmsJust wish they had more colors to pick from other then basic colors5
Perfect place to store your glass ;)))))CannamomLooks great, and it locks folks. Thank me later.5
Looks GreatcalcarcoverI am using the MILSBO cabinet to display some diecast cars in my showroom. I have received many compliments on its appearance. Assembly was your usual IKEA experience. The side and rear glass pieces are a little tricky to install, but not frustrating. Very nice display case for the price.4
MIAMIDISCOUNTI'm waiting for the store to be reopen because we bought it in black by mistake and we need it in white!4
Terrific Size & So Pretty!L2k09This was purchased to display a themed collection of differently sized items and it's super. It holds quite a bit but the nice lines keep it from looking massive. The suggestion for 2-person assembly is a good one although I did put it together on my own and it was fine if you follow the directions exactly. For the glass pieces, I didn't place the at top first the snap them into place because I was afraid of breaking the glass and also afraid of chopping the finish. I placed the bottoms in first and sort of lifted the top since I had tightenes it yet. My only complaint is that you can't get extra shelves - would really love that as an option.5
Wes1243This item brought great balance to our dining area!5
Milsbo Lock of Spare PartsFranzou51There's no parts availability after purchasing the Milsbo display cabinet. I am looking to buy additional glass shelves/ hooks in order to increase the display capacity. No inventory of neither parts.5
Exactly what we were looking for!!Sarah56We bought this to display family keepsakes and it is perfect! We love it! It went together pretty easily and was exceptionally packaged. Would definitely recommend it!5
Stunning!BeeAreJayBought this a month ago, and it's exactly what I wanted. With lighting added, it's perfect to display my antique glassware.5
Love it, if its manufactured rightJpshutts24I bought one in march of 2019 for my action figure display and loved it so i bought another one yesterday 1/18/20 so i could display the rest. Found the top panel front right corner not welded in the right place so it wouldnt screw into the side support. So i drilled it out which worked but once it was time to assemble the door it wouldnt close against the other door as hung over. Finally got forced closed but it shakes the whole cabinet when forcing open or closed. Would definatly buy again4
Aweseom Case..HeemAwesome design and display cabinet, but I wish they had an additional option without the bevel inside. I am willing to give up the lock for an addition door design. If you remove the black bevels in the middle this will sell more so than the current Detolfs.4
Decent quality with decent lookEddie FA little pricy. Everything else is decent.4
AttractiveJoking611As others have stated, unit is reasonably priced and relatively easy to put together. Wiring the cabinet for lighting was also not difficult to do. The only negative, as others have stated, is the limited number of shelves. Even if not included, the ability to purchase shelved separately would be appreciated. When displaying smaller items, the cabinet leaves a great deal of empty space with only three shelves.4
Vintage or Contemporary? Could be both!nashsherriI purchased two of these knowing that I had to have them, but not quite sure where to put them as they could fit perfectly in any room -- kitchen, bath, laundry room, guest room, closet storage. The first cabinet took me nearly seven hours to assemble in-between tv shows. The first problem was the base. Following the directions to a tee, I assembled the legs to the four pieces that make a frame for the base shelf. When I tried adding the base shelf, the corner screw holes to not line up to the leg screw holes. What I finally figured out is that I had to start with the bottom base shelf then add one leg, a piece of frame, then the connecting leg, etc. I kept the screws loose until I had the legs, frame, and base all connected then tightened the screws. The other tricky part is to make sure each panel of glass fits perfectly. The vertical metal slats turn into tracks to hold the glass sides in place; if the glass is not alligned perfectly in the tracks the glass will start to bow (you may have to adjust the levelers on the legs to get the tracks straight). Having practiced on the first unit, I was able to assemble the second unit in under an hour. Love this cabinet and wish I had room for more. I'm sure I'll move them from room to room over the next few years for different functionality.5

Designer thoughts

Designer thoughts

"MILSBO glass-door cabinet is all about giving maximum attention to the things stored in it, rather than the cabinet itself. My idea was to use as little material as possible and give the product clean lines and an airy design with hidden brackets and angled edges. Adjustable shelves allow you to adapt the cabinet to different needs, and a lock keeps your stored things more secure. I see it as a cabinet that discretely allows other objects to stand out."

Designer Jonas Hultqvist

Glass-door cabinet, white28 3/4x68 7/8 "

Prepared for lighting, sold separately.
MILSBO Glass-door cabinet, anthracite, 28 3/4x68 7/8 "MILSBO Glass-door cabinet, white, 28 3/4x68 7/8 "
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MILSBO Glass-door cabinet, white, 28 3/4x68 7/8 "