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LIXHULT Cabinet, metal/gray,

Price $ 59.00

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Everything you need for storing and keeping things organized at home. Choose a ready-made combination or create your own, adapted to your style and belongings. This is just one of many, many possibilities.

Article Number703.286.69

Product details

Create an asymmetric or unexpected storage solution and fill it with your things. Stack and combine as you please.

Keep track of important papers, letters and newspapers by sorting them on the inside of the cabinet door.

The cabinet can be used either with the included legs or be placed on the floor.

Helps you keep track of small items like chargers, keys and wallets, or more bulky items like handbags and toys.


Jon Karlsson


Max. load on top panel: 11 lb

Height without legs: 13 3/4 "

Height with legs: 22 1/2 "

Width: 23 5/8 "

Depth: 13 3/4 "

Height under furniture: 8 1/4 "


Love theseJohnI have 12 of these things and love them. While they're a bit flimsy and cheap looking for the living room, they are perfect for the utility room where I use them to store everything. I have, a wall of 4 columns of 3 stacked together, and not only does it look great, it makes my utility room look tidy and neat. Plus they are SO easy to put together.5
Great for storage and looks goodMarcyOnce you figure out how to put these together (this is the only IKEA item I've had a little trouble with), they go together easily and look good once assembled. I stacked two on top of each other for our home office to store random things that didn't have a home, plus the printer fits on top of it. Everything looks a lot tidier now. The light gray color goes well with our room, but it would be nice to have some other color options too. I also appreciate that it's all metal - I chose this over an ALEX storage unit because there was no particleboard.5
Love it!ChronicleWas terribly confusing for me to put the first one together. I had to look up a video and see how to do it. Second one was a breeze after I understood. Love this and how versatile it is4
Good enough for the utility roomAntonellaI had originally bought these for the living room to store DVDs. I don't mind that they're kind of flimsy, but the doors weren't all plum, and it just looked cheap. However, they work fine in the utility room where they serve their purpose without being seen.3
Defective unitPravishaI thought I would love it, but sadly this thing has been driving me crazy trying to put together. Some of the holes don’t line up with the screws, and the holes that are supposed to hold the door in place at bottom of the frame are missing. I even dismantled it to make sure I had the right side up. Worse part is I threw away the box that had my receipt tucked in, so I can’t exchange it!1
Not BadSooFor the price, it's not bad. Unfortunately, some pieces arrived chipped and dented in the corners4
Obsessed with theseMargotI started with one, and now own 9. They are so versatile, simple, and good-looking. In the front hallway, they're lined up horizontally, and in the office/bedroom, vertically. The first one I put together was a bit of a challenge. (Pay attention to the "snap" picture, haha.) After that first one, they were very fast to assemble. And they actually improved the design of the door hinges between my first and later orders. The color is beautifully neutral and soft. Tons of storage space for just about anything - clothes, office stuff, camera equipment, you name it. A terrific value.5
Great extra storage spaceSandraI purchased this product to alleviate clutter for my kitchen counter. I just placed it on my counter under the upper cabinet to store things I did not want in view on my counter. I did not use the legs at this time, but who know where i might use it in the future.5
Little gray cabinetAnnaIt is very cute. Yet needs to be a bit taller or come in twos.3
Minimal beautyShizueBuilt sturdy and look clean and beauty.5
great for the officeShannonI purchased one of these for my office and I ended up getting three. they go so well with the layout and easy to assemble. they don't have shelves but there's space where a shelving unit could be put into it.5
ImpossibleVerified BuyerThis is the worst storage I have EVER bought from IKEA. I have beena customer sice the day Ikea opened in Elizabeth NJ.1
Elegant cabinetVerified BuyerThe gray color is actually very pleasing and holds everything neatly. Super easy to assemble, esp since there’s a tutorial on YouTube! :) the legs are the slightest bit wobbly even after tightening the screws (some of the holes aren’t perfectly aligned) but this doesn’t effect its weight bearing capacities. All in all, stylish and functional piece.5
Great little cabinetVerified BuyerMake sure you look at the dimensions and know the size of the cabinet you are buying. As usual, IKEA instructions are interesting, but NOT impossible. Take your time laying out the pieces and don't skip steps and you'll end up with a really cool cabinet. I bought 3 and built them in about 30 minutes total.5
A different type of IKEA assembly journeyCynthiaSo, the end product is really nice. I love the look, the style, and the mix-and-match ability. Now, the assembly. First, I LOVE putting IKEA furniture together, do it for myself, my friends, and even occasionally for hire so this is not a what did I get myself into situation. As other reviewers have noted, there are some quality control issues that seem to be plaguing these cabinets and I experienced all of them on all three units I purchased. What follows is how I got around them and why I'm glad I did. 1. Problem: Holes for leg screws or pins don't match up. It appears to only be a rear leg issue where the holes for the screws and pins has not actually been punched out. Solution: I used a 5/32 drill bit to hollow out the metal and the screws/pins went in. It did create some metal shavings so be mindful to vacuum prior to moving as those suckers can cut. 2. Problem: Caps when not using the legs (I stacked two units) would not go in even a bit to start the hammering. It didn't matter how hard I hit the plastic foot it was not going to go in. After I lost the top of a thumb nail I decided it was time to cut. Solution: First I took a boxcutter to the bottom line on one side hoping that would give me enough hold- nope. Cut off the second row on the same side and that did the trick. I was able to push it in far enough to give it a good wack with the hammer. 3. Problem: Joining screw holes for stacking have the same issue as the legs with one hole punched but the other still closed. Solution- I'd use the drill again but for now industrial velcro is doing the job swimmingly. One other note-be sure that the fully exposed holes in the bottom are at the front for the door pin. I got that one wrong. Here's the good news- once I got my work-arounds going the whole assembly took less than 10 minutes. It's really a pretty cool design. Bonus- I HATE regular IKEA doors as they are the bane of my existence. These doors are magical! Easy to put in, level, close and open with no issues and all it takes is a pin and a modified Allen wrench. Brilliant. Maybe you had or will have better luck with your unit but if not, I hope these tips might ease your experience. So, would I buy them again? Absolutely with no hesitation- so long as I had a few extra tools around.4
Great spaceVerified BuyerEasy to put together but the legs do not line up with the drilled holes.2
Great features!Verified BuyerI really like the design, simple but unique, and the modern color.5
Looks great, perfect sizeclaremorg44I’ve backed myself into a metal furniture corner, and this little cabinet was the perfect addition to my bedroom. I’d give it five stars but I just could NOT get the screws that secure the legs to catch. They’re in a corner that’s hard to get a screwdriver in, but luckily the cabinet can sit on the legs and function normally - they’d just fall out if I picked it up. Overall, fantastic for the price and looks amazing under my record player.4
lovely little cabinetAmyEasy to put together, this little cabinet is perfect for my office. It's the right size and I like the magnetic closure for the doors. Also there's a little hanging bar inside on each door for keys or a cleaning rag for my table tops.5
good,Verified Buyervery cute, fit nice and small places, i just think the doors need be little heavy, open very easy.4


What is steel?

Steel has unique characteristics when it is stretched and shaped since it remains strong. It provides strength to everything from skyscrapers and cars to bed frames and outdoor furniture. The steel industry is moving in the direction of more energy-efficient production and stronger steel qualities. It doesn’t lose any of its properties when recycled and today steel is one of the most recycled materials in the world.

Designer thoughts

Designer thoughts

"LIXHULT storage cabinets were created by chance on the factory floor where they’re produced. When I was there for another project and saw their production of workshop cabinets and storage shelves, I wanted to make my own version of metal cabinets. It resulted in a bunch of small, colorful cabinets which are so simple and genuine, they fit everywhere in the home. You can choose one cabinet, two cabinets - or any number to create your own combination."

Designer Jon Karlsson