KUGGIS Box with lid, white, 14 ½x21 ¼x8 ¼ "
KUGGIS Box with lid, white, 14 ½x21 ¼x8 ¼ "
KUGGIS Box with lid, white, 14 ½x21 ¼x8 ¼ "
KUGGIS Box with lid, white, 14 ½x21 ¼x8 ¼ "
KUGGIS Box with lid, white, 14 ½x21 ¼x8 ¼ "
KUGGIS Box with lid, white, 14 ½x21 ¼x8 ¼ "
KUGGIS Box with lid, white, 14 ½x21 ¼x8 ¼ "
KUGGIS Box with lid, white, 14 ½x21 ¼x8 ¼ "

This large size KUGGIS box is spacious enough for gaming supplies, hobby equipment or clothes. The glossy, modern design is made from PET plastic – recycled and transformed into useful storage for you.

Article Number102.802.03

Product details

Perfect for arts and crafts, game accessories or other bulky items.Easy to lift and carry thanks to the handles on two sides of the box.If you want to keep both smaller and larger items in the box, add KUGGIS insert.Fits BESTÅ shelf, 15¾" deep, and other units with shelves which are at least 14⅝" deep.You can easily stack boxes of different sizes, as they’re made to fit each other.The box is easy to grip and pull out even from a shallow shelf, thanks to the extra handle on the side.Fits BESTÅ shelf units, 15¾" deep.Designer

IKEA of Sweden

  • PET plastic (min. 20% recycled)
    Wipe clean with a soft cloth dampened with water and a mild dish detergent or soap, if necessary.
  • Product possible to recycle or use for energy recovery, if available in your community.By using recycled plastic in this product, we consume less new raw materials and lower our environmental impact while existing materials get new life.We want to have a positive impact on the planet. That is why by 2030, we want all materials in our products to be recycled or renewable, and sourced in responsible ways.
  • This product comes as 2 packages.
    KUGGISBox with lidArticle Number:102.802.03This product has multiple packages.
    Width: 14 ¼ "Height: 8 "Length: 21 "Weight: 5 lb 6 ozPackage(s): 1
    Width: 14 ½ "Height: ½ "Length: 21 ¼ "Weight: 1 lb 12 ozPackage(s): 1

Product size

14 ½ "
21 ¼ "
8 ¼ "


Great StoragePattyI wanted the other sixes but my IKEA was out. I picked up these temporarily but end up loving these for storage oft shipping supplies5
Most appealing storage boxesANGELAI love the look of these storage boxes and the largest ones hold so much. I recently bought more after the holidays to store all my Christmas decor and they worked perfectly. Would love them even more if in the future, the added a groove to the inside so lids would look into place instead of sitting flush but will still buy regardless.5
Great Capacity. Good value.PaolaGreat Capacity. Good value.5
Works for what I neededKATHRYNThese look nice and work great for organizing my pantry.5
This is great, but...StephanieI have four of these for storing my yarn and craft supplies on shelves. The boxes look good, but if you overfill them, the lid won’t stay down. The lid just rest in/on the box so it’s important to leave space. You can turn the lid upside down if you’ve overfilled the box, which I have done with some of my other sized boxes in the same family. These are staticky - they pick up pet and human hair, so when they’re in place, you’ll want to wipe them down with a microfiber cloth to help them look their best. These boxes would be ideal if they didn’t taper in at the bottom. They’re perfect for what I’ve stored in them, but trying other things I thought I would store in them was less than ideal. Too much wasted space due to the tapered boxes. I own 25 of these boxes in various sizes, so I’m a happy customer. I had to buy more boxes than anticipated because of the narrowing toward the bottom... but I wanted all white boxes that would look good with my colorful vinyl labels.4
Worse Experience EverRickI received broken product and then was unable to return it since no one answered the phone or email requests on the website. Horrible customer service. Will never shop here again!1
KUGGIS Box with lidGlinxperfect for dorm use, large, heavy and very well made. Only wish it came in other colors!5
Arrived in piecesdisappointed123456Arrived in pieces and could not get ahold of IKEA customer service to resolve issue.1
Perfect for storage!NeneM9We bought 6 of these large storage containers for our temporary bedroom while having our new house built and I plan to use them in the closets in the new house. I labeled each container for easy identification of the contents.5
Love everything about it!Richmond15I bought this 11 days ago and just love it! After going grocery shopping, I found myself with things I had no place for and had to leave it on the table. Well, this solved my problem! I took photos of it and sent it to some of my friends that also shop Ikea!5
Shiny OrganizationJanell21This is my go to for organizing everything! From crafts, fabric, photos, memorabilia, and seasonal clothes! Fits great in my closets, and is stackable with the lids, the size isn’t too big or too small, just right. Leaves everything organized and looking beautiful!5
Came brokenKIraLJI ordered 2 of these, overall I love the box itself, however one of the lids came broken and Ikea isn’t allowing for any customer service issues to be reported via email or phone other than cancelling orders so I am currently unable to use this at this time.3
Simple and SpaciousDraconus RexI own four. I really love the minimalist design. It's spacious enough for me to keep my gym shorts and sweat pants separate, and my long sleeve polos separate from my short sleeve polos. They fit just right underneath the shirts I hang on hangers in my closet. The strategically placed holes make it easy to pick up, and stack.5
Works well with the compartment accessoryLinda 1313Stores son’s camera and lighting gear. Sturdy.5
Awesome looking containerShanaLExcellent storage. Quality plastic that looks good.5
Kuggis Box w/ LidUnclutteredI love the Kuggis Bins w/ Lids. They are heavy duty and they stack nicely. I am a professional organizer. I like to use them in Client’s homes. They can be used in many areas; pantries, linen closets, mud areas, closets, even garage storage. These are one of my favorite IKEA products.5
Cheaper and easier than installing pull out drawerLittleMidgI have deep cabinets but the ones nearest the floor are hard to get to the stuff in the back. Enter this little beauty. I didn't need the lid so I used that in another cabinet to be able to pull stuff out. Biggest problem is the handles. Digs deep into your hand as it is sharp-ish and does not spread out the weight.4
Very attractive sturdy storage boxesthatextraaccentI was pleased with the first few I bought, do went back to get a couple more. I not sure whether these will hold up as well as the old cardboard boxes with lids from IKEA that they're replacing, but the boxes bring order and a smile into my storage area.5
excellent quality!jabeeI have been using these Kuggis storage boxes for years and keep finding uses more more of them! They are sleek and modern to look at, and they are very sturdy. They can hold a lot of weight, and stack perfectly. I highly recommend them! The organizer tray for the top is also really useful.5

SustainabilityPeople and planet

Energy and resources

Just like new – over and over again

The KUGGIS series consists of recycled PET plastic, made into brand new, practical storage boxes. A good way to reduce our consumption of new raw materials, and be kinder to the environment. Recycle again, and it gets yet another life. Thanks for helping.

Box with lid, white14 ½x21 ¼x8 ¼ "

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KUGGIS Box with lid, white, 14 ½x21 ¼x8 ¼ "