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One of the most loved Swedish traditions is fika – socializing over coffee and cookies. With sweet treats in the KAFFEREP series, we want to share the tradition so more can enjoy memorable fika moments.

Article Number303.749.22

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Sweet, crunchy, and delicate oat biscuits.

Conveniently served as they are. For example with coffee and good friends as “fika” – coffee break Swedish style.

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Article Number303.749.22


    Net weight: 1 lb 5 oz

      Oat biscuitsArticle Number303.749.22

      Width: 7 "

      Height: 2 ½ "

      Length: 10 ¾ "

      Weight: 1 lb 8 oz

      Package(s): 1


    CookiesARACELIThey are cute but very hard,2
    So GoodMARLENEThese are so good! I will definetly go back and buy more!5
    Our favorite cookieSUSANThese are a favorite every trip to Ikea. They are light and crisp with just the perfect sweetness.5
    We loved theseBARBARAMy kids love these since they were kids! I love the simple ingredients and crispy crunch5
    YummyMoisesMy family love ikea cookies and other treats.5
    KAFFEREPSianWell named! Makes my coffee time into the best party!5
    KafferepFANNYGood cookies but too fatty for us !3
    Oat biscuitsLEWISLovely biscuit5
    CookiesMichelleGreat taste5
    Delicious Crispy Oatmeal CookiesElizabethPerfect with tea or milk.5
    Wonder light "cookie" to enjoy with tea or coffee!LARRYWhen we want a special treat that is tasty but not caloric or heavy with sugar, we always reach for this cookie from IKEA. Great value and great taste. We always keep a box or two on hand as we love sharing with guests. And we are amazed hardly any of the cookies are broken! They are so well packed they are almost 99% whole!!! We love the ginger cookies also.5
    Very GoodBeverlyVery Good5
    YummyAmandaDelicious and crunchy: doesn’t break if dipped in liquid5
    Very goodKONSTANTINA bit sweater than expected but nice anyway5
    This was a good cookie.JimmieThis was a good cookie. I really didn’t think it tasted like oatmeal though4
    Very good cookie good tasteRebeccaVery good cookie good taste5
    Amazing! Do not get ridChrisAmazing! Do not get rid of ever5
    Crispy oatmeal cookiesWESSCrisp and tasty oatmeal cookies, great with coffee.5
    CookiesDEBRAVery good taste.4
    KAFFEREP Oat biscuits

    Sharing a Swedish tradition with the world

    Have you ever had a cup of coffee and a sweet treat to go with it? Then, unknowingly, you’ve experienced one of Sweden’s most beloved traditions – fika. It's no exaggeration to say everyone in Sweden has fika. But as people get busier and busier, homemade fika is no longer the norm. Between work and family and hobbies, there's a need for an easier option. This is where the KAFFEREP series comes in.

    KAFFEREP offers biscuits, pastries and treats inspired by our love for fika and everything it stands for. You'll find traditional favorites like oat biscuits and ginger thins. We're stocking our Swedish Food Market with everything you need for fika, so it's easy for anyone to share in our treasured tradition.

    Fika in a modern world

    Jenny Odenmo is one of the IKEA co-workers who helped introduce KAFFEREP. She enjoys fika moments with co-workers at the office and with friends or neighbors who stop by. But Jenny has a busy life and there's not a lot of time to spare. "My kids like to bake. I like to bake, but I wouldn't say we bake every week. It’s just not possible. We don't have the time. So I always have a fika back-up in the cupboards," says Jenny. "We're a modern family and we need the convenience." Jenny's cupboard back-ups are, in fact, some of her favorites to eat. The KAFFEREP oat biscuits with chocolate have a particularly hard time lasting very long in her home. "They have this amazing dark chocolate in between crispy biscuits. I open a pack and they disappear."

    Sharing the love for fika

    Now that IKEA offers both great coffee and tasty treats, fika is more accessible. "The KAFFEREP offer is quite wide," says Jenny. "We have a good mix in place. It's all you need really, to have a good fika moment."

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