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Silverware organizers

Always searching for that small fork or teaspoon in the drawer? With a cutlery tray, you can stay organized and save time. A utensil drawer organizer can easily hold forks, spoons, knives and other essentials. Browse to find the perfect silverware organizer that works for you.

What is a silverware tray?

Cutlery trays are silverware organizers in the form of a tray or drawer insert. Their convenient dividers help you organize your cutlery so that different kinds of utensils stay separated, tidy and easy to find. Utensil trays make cooking and setting the table quicker and more efficient. They also maximize your drawer space by keeping everything in its proper place.

The benefits of a cutlery tray

Nobody wants to spend a bunch of time rummaging through a drawer looking for a fork. That’s why people use utensil drawer organizers. They keep all your flatware, utensils and other kitchen tools neatly divided and tidy. This means they save you time and space, keeping the silverware separated from other kitchenware in the drawer. It also creates a more elegant, cleaner look in your kitchen. You want your kitchen to be well arranged and to look sophisticated and sharp. A silverware organizer is an absolute essential to accomplishing this ideal aesthetic.

What goes in a utensil drawer organizer?

A flatware tray is designed to hold basic utensils and tools for your kitchen. These include the obvious basics like forks, knives and spoons. But they can also include other tools like whisks, scissors, can openers and more. And you can even get creative and use your utensil tray to store chopsticks, ice cream scoops, pizza cutters and all the other random kitchenware that doesn’t yet have a place. In fact, they can even be used for items that aren’t kitchenware. Some more innovative uses include arranging jewellery or makeup.

How to organize silverware in a drawer

There are many different opinions on how to organize silverware “correctly”. One factor is the number and size of the compartments in your utensil drawer organizer. In the end, though, the arrangement of your flatware and utensils is simply a personal preference. However, the most common and popular method goes left to right as follows:

- Large knives
- Smaller knives
- Forks
- Spoons (with teaspoons arranged horizontally along the bottom)