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FÖRNUFTIG Air purifier, white,

Price $ 74.99
FÖRNUFTIG Air purifier, black, 12x18 "
FÖRNUFTIG Air purifier, white, 12x18 "

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Improves indoor air quality so you breathe cleaner air. Comes with a particle filter and can be completed with a gas filter to purify air from odors, pollen and pollutants such as dust, smoke and chemicals.

Article Number504.619.61

Product details

You can choose to hang the air purifier on the wall or place it on the floor by using the included floor stand. Depending on your preference, FÖRNUFTIG air purifier can be hung both vertically and horizontally.

The handle makes it easy for you to move the air purifier between different rooms in your home and place it where it is needed most. When wall mounting the purifier, you can remove the handle.

Our air purifiers are AHAM (Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers) certified. This means that all air purifiers from IKEA are thoroughly tested to ensure efficiency in the disposal of harmful allergens like tobacco smoke, dust and pollen.


David Wahl


Depth: 4 "

Height: 18 "

Width: 12 "


great air purifierAliceThis unit is amazingly quiet, and very efficient, We could tell within a matter of hours that the air in our bedroom was much cleaner.5
Surprisingly effectiveMaryIt took a few days of being on constantly and there definitely a difference in the air quality in my bedroom. Using both rhe HEPA and charcoal filters made a big difference with the congestion we had been experiencing lately this spring. The noise it makes is not too loud and after a while you don't even notice it.5
A Powerful PunchVerified BuyerIt works wonderfully in my living room; I only hear it when it is on the highest level!5
No warranty - noisy after 10 monthsWilliamI was happy with this unit until the fan began to show signs of failure and became noisy during use. After speaking with IKEA staff, for this product there is no warranty and no spare parts option - just an expired 6 month return period. This is not a lasting product, based on my experience. Would not buy again.1
It works amazingly!MichaelSince the pandemic I have become more intolerant to certain airborne particles within my house. I vacuum religiously every weekend and dust as needed. About 18 months ago I bought one of the förnuftig, placed it next to my bed and turned it on to the lowest setting. I no longer wake up coughing and sneezing. I also noticeably have less dust in my bedroom which made the decision to buy 3 more for the house a no-brainer. Thank you for making a product that has improved the air quality within my house, and saved me cash on replacement filters!5
It's loud but it works hard!*MaryI love what it does to my room but it's so loud that I have to turn it off at bedtime5
Great alternative to big bulky air purifiersJacobI replaced my old air purifier because the company stopped making the filters for it(AFTER 8 YEARS lol), so I got rid of that big bulky(but great) thing and replaced it with 4 of these foernuftig purifiers; I hung one in the living room, workout room, bedroom, and the kitchen) around 70% high from the floor and let say that they work SO GOOD at cleaning my air! I set them all at medium and my little apartment doesn’t have a SPECK of dust and it’s so easy to breathe now living next to a busy road! I only bought one of the charcoal filters for the kitchen purifier to help with cooking smells and I bought some long charcoal filter media and cut them to size for the other three! Coming up on half a year and I can say these Foernuftigs were well worth the money! I got 2 for 59.99 on sale. If they’d keep these that price all the time I might buy 2 more(1 for the bathroom and one for the master closet to keep lint down)! A side note high is noticeable but not super loud as some say.5
Works wellCarolynI bought this purifer to help with odors in my small kitchen ,as there is no exhaust fan. I've had it for a couple of months now, and so far it seems to be doing a good job keeping the air clean. On low setting it is barely audible but a little noisy when on high. I generally keep it on medium as a compromise. It is an attractive unit and doesn't take up much space sitting on the counter.5
Air purifierAshleyGreat for a small room! My child’s allergies have stoped significantly since we’ve been using it5
Sleek and space savingMistyWay better than the bigger bulkier purifiers you get elsewhere. Looks chic and can even be wall mounted5
Effective, but loudJulieA little on the loud side, but a good price e. Replacement filters are also relatively inexpensive.4
It's helps clean the airMelonieIt's helps clean the air in our small apartment and minimize the cat fur everywhere!5
great air purifierAliceThis unit is amazingly quiet, and very efficient, We could tell within a matter of hours that the air in our bedroom was much cleaner.5
Helped my allergies and asthmaJosephineI have both allergies and asthma, sometimes the former even triggers the latter. I used to cough and have a stuffy nose when trying to sleep, and so falling asleep was difficult. I leave this on low all day and night by my bed, and I can now breathe easily and sleep better.5
Great idea, not so great executionRoI got this for my 200 sq ft studio, to filter out cooking smells and hopefully cut down on the dust in the air. Pros: Love the design, easy to move, easy to assemble. Cons: Fan seems too weak and too small to really make a difference in my space. Putting it on high immediately led to the plug starting to noticeably heat up in the outlet, so I was worried about leaving the fan on high for any significant amount of time.2
Nice and Stylish Air PurifierYvetteWe enjoy it at home. Cleans the air and is quiet.5
Not only have, I noticedJudyNot only have, I noticed a huge decreasing allergy symptoms, I don’t have to dust as often!5
Fantastic way to keep air pureJohnBought one when first saw it on shelf at Stoughton Ma store and went back and got second one the next week. Have four of them operating in rooms in our home and what a difference clean air makes. Easier to breathe, easy to move around the house … what a difference. Only put in new filters once a year. Clean them monthly same date as when we clean our AC filters. Great product period. Do yourself and your family a favor buy some, install them and use them. You and your family will certainly be happier and healthier for it.5
Plastic smell freaks me out! Too Noisy.Elizavetasmells terrible. The plastic it has been made of stinks like hell. It has been in my room with the door closed for about 1.5 hours working and the smell of plastic makes me tear up. I am not sure it brings more benefit than harm to my lungs. Wish I could return it right now, I did not expect this stinky thing to be around me. Some kind of scam. Also, it is noisy, maybe ok when you are not around but if you are around it will annoy you. One cannot rely on good quality in America, it seems to me - all is worse than in Europe. Even IKEA. So much hassle. I expected the prime quality product for good prices, but it is not. Easy to assemble, though, but I DO fear this stinky thing being around.1
Love that it can hungJessicaLove that it can hung on the wall. On the lowest setting you can't even hear it. If you turn it up, it just sounds like a normal fan running.4
FÖRNUFTIG Air purifier, white, 12x18 "

Furnish with cleaner air

Pollution in a busy city can often be visible to the naked eye. But, did you know that the air in our homes also contains pollution from dust, pollen, cooking and gas chemicals that are bad for our health? Airing out and cleaning help to a certain degree, but with an air purifier, the particles and gas chemicals such as formaldehyde are effectively filtered – while you do other things.

David Wahl works as a Product Designer at IKEA. In connection with a move some years ago, he became more aware of how much the indoor air means to our health. “All homes contain particles and gas chemicals in different shapes, and today when we spend more time indoor, they can lead to, among other things, allergic reactions and bad sleep.”

An air purifier that blends in

When David had trouble finding affordable and good-looking air purifiers, he started experimenting and building his own at home. “They turned out nice, but were honestly not the most efficient.” The experience was still valuable when he joined our team that developed FÖRNUFTIG air purifier. The work was much about optimizing all small technical details to make it simple without sacrificing quality and energy-efficiency. “But when we develop at IKEA, we also do it from a home furnishing perspective, and we want FÖRNUFTIG to blend into the home. That’s why you can hang it on the wall, put it on the floor or use the handle to move your air purifier to another room.”

Cleaner air for more people

FÖRNUFTIG is quite far from the first attempts David did at home. In a team with various competencies, there are better preconditions to develop a reliable air purifier that can make a difference for more people. “Air pollution is a serious problem, and we want to provide solutions that help people breathe cleaner indoor air.”