FÖRNUFTIGAir purifier, black

FÖRNUFTIG Air purifier, black, 12x18 "
FÖRNUFTIG Air purifier, white, 12x18 "
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Improves indoor air quality so you breathe cleaner air. Comes with a particle filter and can be completed with a gas filter to purify air from odours, pollen and pollutants such as dust, smoke and chemicals.

Article Number604.880.69

Product details

You can choose to hang the air purifier on the wall or place it on the floor by using the included floor stand. Depending on your preference, FÖRNUFTIG air purifier can be hung both vertically and horizontally.

The handle makes it easy for you to move the air purifier between different rooms in your home and place it where it is needed most. When wall mounting the purifier, you can remove the handle.

The air purifier comes with a particle filter so it purifies the air from various particles as efficiently as possible. You can also buy a gas filter and use the two filters together.

Particle filter included. Gas filter sold separately.

Purifies the air in a space of up to 85-105 square feet, depending on which fan speed the air purifier is set to.

The particle filter is optimized to filter away approximately 99.5% of smaller airborne particles such as PM2.5 particles, dust, and pollen.

PM2.5 are small inhalable particles, that measure 0.1-2.5 micrometers.

The gas filter (sold separately) purifies the air from various gaseous pollutants such as formaldehyde, which can be found in things like cleaning/household products and various fabrics and materials.

The gas filter helps to reduce the odor of smoke, cooking odors and other unpleasant odors that may be present in the home.

You can set the air purifier to 3 different fan speeds and thereby adapt it to the needs of your home.

Set the air purifier to sleep mode, the lowest fan speed with low noise, during the night so you can sleep well while the air is purified.

The air purifier has a clean design, a low weight and a small size ⎼ so it’s easy to place in your home.

Practical cable management on the backside helps you avoid cable clutter.

The pull-tag on the right side makes it easy to loosen the pre-filter in order to clean it, or to remove it to change to a particle and/or gas filter.

Suitable in various rooms of the home, even in the smallest children's rooms.

Check the filter regularly to see if it’s dirty. An LED indicator illuminates when you need to check your filters and possibly replace them. The filter is recommended to be replaced within 6 months.

Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) at highest/lowest fan speed: 70/11 CFM (with both particle filter and gas filter installed).

Sound level at the highest/lowest fan speed: 60/28 dB (with both particle filter and gas filter installed).

Maximum wattage: 14 W (with both particle filter and gas filter installed).

Net weight: 6.7 lbs. (with both particle filter and gas filter installed).

The particle filter is tested according to EN 1822-1 and ISO 29463-3 which corresponds to class EPA12.


David Wahl

Article Number604.880.69


Depth: 4 "

Height: 18 "

Width: 12 "

    Air purifierArticle Number604.880.69

    Width: 14 "

    Height: 5 "

    Length: 22 ¼ "

    Weight: 7 lb 13 oz

    Package(s): 1


worth it and looks greatIanI bought this primarily for white noise, and secondarily for some air filtration. It does both quite well I like the way it looks. It uses a squirrel cage fan setup, like those used in better Bath fans. Very low power consumption. The tone is higher than I like but got used to it, I think opening up the exhaust grill would help. Low is silent, Med is what I use, High- too much. Definitely grabs the dust, and I think pollen; air does feel cleaner subjectively. For this price you really cannot do better.4
Good item!ChuckIt works as described and looks great in our room!5
Love the modern lookIsabelSo far it’s great5
Does what it’s suppose toNatalieI cook a lot and our apartment can get stuffy and dusty so I initially bought one for the living room to test out to see if there would be a difference when I cooked and it definitely helps when the cooking smells. I plan on purchasing one for our bedrooms and office.5
I"ve only used the airCHERYLI've only used the air purifier for a short while but so far, it works well. It's a bit loud on the highest speed but no more so than other air purifiers.4
Great air filter. Hopefully IRuthGreat air filter. Hopefully I can get new filters shipped.5
Purchased 4/2021 attempt return 2/21/22Michael W.I loved this product until about 2 months ago. I use it on the first setting in my office. I started to hear a ticking, clicking noise that has gotten worse. It worked great until about 2 months ago when I replaced both filters after the replacement light came on. Shortly after the noises started. I loved with it until too loud in the office to use. Attempted to return on 2/21/22. Outside the 180 day return window, no exchange option. Come to find out, it has no warranty! I love my IKEA products and have purchased for years. I asked them to recycle the product. I am very disappointed with IKEA.1
A good air purifier!MikeA good air purifier!5
I recommend!Karen R.Works well :) Not waking up to a sneeze attack every morning is amazing! Our house gets so much dirt/dust and it has helped me even after 1 day of having it. My dog also sleeps in my room so it can get a bit smelly and I've noticed the smell of his frito feet slightly disappear. Makes ZERO noise when on the lowest option. On the 2nd option, it makes a bit noise but it's comforting if you like white-noise while you try to sleep. 3rd option is a bit more noisy but not horrible.5
Nice looking air filterNANCYFor the price is a decent product.4
Noticed a difference right away.Kyle O.Purchased 2 of these for my room about 350 square feet and there was a difference in air quality right away. With 2 dogs my fiancé and I both notice a cleaner feel to the air. These are definitely powerful yet quiet. One is hung on my wall and the other is on its stand on the other side of the room. Definitely worth the money to not wake up with stuffy noses.5
Works well even in 170RISHENGWorks well even in 170 sq ft bedroom though it's said that it only could be used in up to 105 sq ft.5
Good value.MANKOI spend 100 on Honeywell just for a small one. This one from Ikea is only 60. Additional charcoal filter is only extra 10 dollar. Also, this one comes with a mesh screen. Can't beat this.5
Looks great and seems toKellyLooks great and seems to do a good job. I like that the fabric acts as a pre-filter and catches a lot of the dog hair and can be vacuumed off easily. Then the filter can do its job and keep all of the other dust they bring in under control. Nice that replacement filters are inexpensive too!5
Love itJulieannGreat air purifier for a great price5
Not enough airflowMARITZAI was excited about this at first and filled a cart with more to mount all over the walls but decided to give my first one a couple weeks of trial first. I placed it on high setting by the pet area where they run in and out and a lot of dust is created and after two weeks the filter is still completely clean. The other air filter in the room shows the normal dust and pet hair as it is doing its job. I love the design but it’s not strong enough to actually pull anything out of the air.1
Air purifier works very well .DenieseOnly problem I have is getting the paper filters. They are never actually in store. It’s they have no one in Norfolk Va. store can find them.4
ExcellentAngelicaI own 7 of them, exellent products, waited several months for my last purchase but it's definitely worth it. I bought several batches, total 7 units.5
Affordable and effectiveGUSFantastic at what it does and enjoy the white noise it makes in the bedroom5
Got it w/FÖRNUFTIG Gas Filter.RichardIt can be quiet as a mouse or good white noise for sleeping. Easy to put together and can mount it on a wall. Do not have to worry about VOCs in my new home.5
FÖRNUFTIG Air purifier, black, 12x18 "

Furnish with cleaner air

Pollution in a busy city can often be visible to the naked eye. But, did you know that the air in our homes also contains pollution from dust, pollen, cooking and gas chemicals that are bad for our health? Airing out and cleaning help to a certain degree, but with an air purifier, the particles and gas chemicals such as formaldehyde are effectively filtered – while you do other things.

David Wahl works as a Product Designer at IKEA. In connection with a move some years ago, he became more aware of how much the indoor air means to our health. “All homes contain particles and gas chemicals in different shapes, and today when we spend more time indoor, they can lead to, among other things, allergic reactions and bad sleep.”

An air purifier that blends in

When David had trouble finding affordable and good-looking air purifiers, he started experimenting and building his own at home. “They turned out nice, but were honestly not the most efficient.” The experience was still valuable when he joined our team that developed FÖRNUFTIG air purifier. The work was much about optimizing all small technical details to make it simple without sacrificing quality and energy-efficiency. “But when we develop at IKEA, we also do it from a home furnishing perspective, and we want FÖRNUFTIG to blend into the home. That’s why you can hang it on the wall, put it on the floor or use the handle to move your air purifier to another room.”

Cleaner air for more people

FÖRNUFTIG is quite far from the first attempts David did at home. In a team with various competencies, there are better preconditions to develop a reliable air purifier that can make a difference for more people. “Air pollution is a serious problem, and we want to provide solutions that help people breath cleaner indoor air.”

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