FAMNIG HJÄRTA Cushion, red, 16x40 "
FAMNIG HJÄRTA Cushion, red, 16x40 "
FAMNIG HJÄRTA Cushion, red, 16x40 "
FAMNIG HJÄRTA Cushion, red, 16x40 "

A symbol of love. This soft heart makes a nice gift for someone you love, of any age and for all occasions.

Article Number504.732.09

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Who can resist a big hug straight from the heart? FAMNIG HJÄRTA cushion spreads love wherever it goes!Recommended for children 18 months and older.Designer

Anna Efverlund

  • Fabric:100 % polyester
    Filling:Polyester fiber fill
    Machine wash warm, normal cycle.Do not bleach.Tumble dry, low, normal cycle.Do not iron.Do not dry clean.Shrinkage 2%.
  • FAMNIG HJÄRTACushionArticle Number:504.732.09
    Width: 11 ¾ "Height: 3 "Length: 17 ¼ "Weight: 14 ozPackage(s): 1

Product size

16 "
40 "


Perfect back pillowALLISONI ignored this when I first saw it in the store as just some kitschy holiday item, but my mind kept at me, and I realized it could be just right re-purposed. I turned it upside down, ignore the arms, and it is perfect to support my back on my desk chair. It is a great size and shape to move around to where my back needs support and is soft enough to form to my body — as opposed to the more fitted, formed traditional back supports which never sit or stay where I need them. Definitely happy with this purchase, and glad I was able to think “out of the box.”5
Perfect gift ideaAnneI love these heart pillows and have bough quite a few over the years. They are the best gift to give someone who needs a hug or thoughtful gift, especially in a time when we need to social distance. So far everyone I have gifted a pillow has loved it :)5
Loving HandsJoMama8playinMy daughter loves this thing! She sleeps with it and I tell her if my heart could it would grow arms to hug you. This is such a precious toy!5
So cute!!Chris244I bought this for a Valentine's day gift and my partner loved it..such a great price too.5
Perfect size57ritaEnjoying my chair. Perfect for a small room. Great when I need to take a nap.5
so cute!hoola71Bought is as a gift and they liked it.5
How could you not love these pillows?LincolnsmomI've had these heart pillows since I was a teenager. I love them!5
GoodFanibbMy daughter is very happy!5
I heart my heart pillow!CANikI admit, this was an impulse purchase while walking the path that is the IKEA store. I'm proud to say this was my only impulse purchase that visit. lol That being said, I LOVE my heart pillow! I'm recommending this to all my single girlfriends... you no longer have to go to sleep alone. Just wrap yourself in the arms of this super soft pillow and have happy dreams!5
I love this pillowRajni OOver the years of having IKEA in the US I have bought five pillows and they are so comfortable! I use the pillows as a travel pillow on planes and long road trips. It comes highly recommended5
Great tablet restKatVYes, it's cute and cuddly. But also a great cushion to rest your tablet or mobile device.5
PompomloveI really love this. I am using this as a sofa cushion.5
Gina LorettaThinking about the “hug” at the top of the box in the mail for the grandgirls bringing a smile to my heart.5
greatjj gigiIt was so nice, I bought two5
Great addition to my stuff toy collectionSunshine595Purchased on my 2nd visit, cant wait to return to redecorate my entire home.5
Medical loveMuffy89I purchased this as a cough pillow for a friend who had cardiac bypass surgery. It was a wonderful way for me to give him a hug every time he needed a bit of support.5
Amazing Heart !!!!Jennifer HanThe Hearts in San Francisco is a project that debuted in 2004 under the leadership of Nancy Bechtle and Ellen Magin Newman. The work consists of one-hundred-and thirty-one beautiful and inspired heart sculptures created by local artists from the Bay Area. These hearts are placed on display throughout San Francisco for the public to enjoy. The original goal of The Hearts was to raise money for the foundation of the San Francisco General Hospital. At the Union Square in San Francisco, The Heart sculptures easily draw people’s attention, especially the attention of tourists. They can be considered as a symbol of San Francisco’s public art. However, when considering the economic and political purposes of creating the work, it is possible that the art market and gentrification are hidden aspects of the project. The community built these hearts as a publicity stunt. The Hearts in San Francisco shows the relationship between art and money, the art market and foundations today. One of the hearts in Union Square attracts me the most is Tony Bennett’s America’s Greatest City By The Bay (2004). Bennett’s art sculpture is red, and the medium of the painting on the front side looks like an acrylic painting. The image indicates the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. The landscape painting does not occupy the whole front space. It is imaginative that Bennett added a smaller heart shape on the surface of the green mountains. The small “heart” was a nice landscape painting with the houses in the center of the painting. Tony used a basic color palette including red, blue, green, yellow and white. The surface of the heart is smooth, reflecting light, making it shine under the sun. Moreover, the statue has a black circular base, which supports the “heart.” A bronze tag with information about the artwork is on the black base. Visitors like to take pictures and selfies in front of the sculpture. The sculpture is accessible because people can sit on the base of the sculpture, or they can even kiss it. The front side of the sculpture is interesting. However, it is disappointing that there is nothing on the back, which seems like the artist only considered the visual effect of one side of the artwork. The heart is facing the pedestrian crosswalk. It is put in a crowded space in downtown San Francisco. People who want to observe the work do not have enough space and they are distracted by the busy commuters passing by. It is also hard to understand the meaning and the artistic intention without spending time to contemplate. The location of public art is always a huge consideration. According to Amanda Evans, a landscape architect and urban designer, most public artworks have been placed in and around central business districts, with some in parks and town centers. She points out that the recent and ongoing revitalization of town centers is providing an opportunity for site responsive artworks to be installed and reflects an understanding of the power of well-placed art in urban landscape. Nevertheless, the location of The Hearts in Union Square is too crowded for people to contemplate an artwork. As a result, the purpose of the artwork becomes more like a PR stunt for the city. When the mobile application Pokémon Go became extremely popular last summer, Union Square was one of the famous places for players to catch rare Pokémon. Since Pokémon Go is an outdoor game, it allows people to pay more attention to their surroundings. In the game itself, some of the Hearts act as “Power Depots” at public spaces so people have more chances to see public art in person through playing the mobile game. Bennett’s heart sculpture is put in a town center so that more people can access it, but that does not mean that it is an ideal place for viewing it. Art critic Groys Boris says, “the public art exhibition practice becomes a place where interesting and relevant questions concerning the relationship between art and money emerge.” According to Boris in his article “Art and Money,” art can be interpreted as a sum of works circulating on the art market. Although the Hearts were created for the foundation, they can still be considered as commercial products for the art market because its economic value is more dominant than the aesthetic and social value. Jerry Saltz has criticized the phenomenon that money and public art are mingled together in this era, which creates an art market driven by interest and business. A similar situation occurs with the Hearts in San Francisco, where the artists are making art on the sculptures with the same shape, scale and materials. The Heart sculptures are like propagandas. Businessmen from the art market want the Hearts to become a kind of “landmark” that people can take pictures of and post them online, so the city is being advertised. In the United States, it is common that some of the public art are funded to propagandize. For example, the symbolic statue of the little girl sharing down the Charging Bull on Wall Street in NYC is also considered as a publicity stunt. Artwork will be meaningless if it becomes commercial and serves only moneyed interests. The art market has negative impacts on public art through its economic and political concerns, and it is a force for gentrification.5
great.very soft and excelentfor kids good colorHomafarshad2i bought them for my 2 nepheous they liked it and kiss me to say thanks.I made them happy and I am happy too.I shop in ikea when I lived in Euorop I had many good memory over there.now i am living here in USA I visit ikea at least once amonth eating breakfast or lunch I love ikea healthy foods .ikea is the best shop in the world.thank you5
Nothing says Love like a Hjärta!tydalforceI adopted Hjärta nearly 12 years ago now and I couldn't have asked for a better companion. Always there for a cuddle or a hug, great to snuggle with at bed time, beaming love to everyone. Got one for my niece as soon as she was old enough, and now she has endless love too.5
I love the fingersklalle00I am a stuffed animal person. This doesn't have a traditional animal shape but it does the job. The finger spaces fit my hand. So I feel like I am going to sleep holding someone's hand. When I am awake. It is sort of like getting a hug.5

Cushion, red16x40 "

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FAMNIG HJÄRTA Cushion, red, 16x40 "