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Leather/faux leather sectionals

Our leather sectional sofas have high-quality leather with a natural look that ages with grace. And by integrating coated fabric faux leather that has the look and feel of real leather in non-contact areas, these leather sectional sofas strike a smart balance in comfort, durability and affordability. With leather in all contact areas and durable coated fabric in all others, you’ll get quality, style and years of use.

Gathering around in style with exceptional leather sectional sofas

Whether you have a big family or like having friends over for the big game or movie night, there’s a stylish leather sofa sectional with coated fabric ready to bring everyone together and complete any den or living room.

Nothing makes quite a stylish statement like the look and feel of a timeless material celebrated in so many movies and by so many ooooohhs and aaaahhhs when you sit down in it. A naturally durable material, leather is hearty and resistant to cuts and scrapes—even from puppies that you’re trying to house train. Unlike a lot of fabrics it doesn’t fray. But spills and stains, you may say and rightfully so. Well, leather isn’t friends with them either. It also shuns odors so again, let that puppy claim his spot on the couch.

All this leather talk may lead you to believe that this is no place for any chatter about faux leather. This isn’t your bad 80’s movie faux leather we’re talking about though. Just as computers shrunk down to fit in our pockets, polymer science has come a long way as well. Through a blend of cotton, polyester and polyurethane the coated fabric parts of our leather sectionals provide the timeless look of leather at a more affordable price while going a step further on durability when it comes to resisting stains and any impact from the sun’s rays. All contact areas on these sectional sofas are made of genuine leather. Coated fabric covers all other areas for added heartiness and greater affordability. While light and contact alter the sheen of leather over time, you can stave off any alterations with the occasional application of leather polish.

Choose from so many options in leather sofa sectionals, from four to five corner leather sectional sofas or four to five leather sofa sectionals with chaise lounges. Color options range from a classic light tan leather look to light brown to black. All sectional options feature comfy support through seat and couch cushions that combine memory foam with cushy polyester fiber wadding.

The LIDHULT sectional leather sofa is designed for maximum comfort with high neck and back support. Cushion springs welcome you as you sink into dope-dyed top grain leather with a treated, embossed surface made extra soft with a layer of ball fiber. The armrests with extra filling invite you to stretch out and enjoy a nap (Design it yourself with our LIDHULT Planner).

Picturing little ones reading or pets stretching out while you watch a movie? Maybe go with a sectional with a chaise lounge with the LIDHULT or perhaps with the adjustable FINNALA sectional sofa series that smartly tucks a sleeper sofa out of sight when not in use (draw on your creativity—design your own with our FINNALA planner).

MORABO leather sectional sofas feature a classic look with a covering of GRANN, a soft, smooth and durable grain leather with natural variations. Non-contact surfaces feature BOMSTAD, an elegant coated fabric that has the look and feel of leather.

There’s a style and configuration in leather sectional sofas for any home and for any type of gathering.