KUNGSFORS S-hook, stainless steel

Inspired by professionals, but adapted for you. Just like in a restaurant kitchen, we’ve focused on durable materials and smart wall storage that provides the space needed for all creative home cooks.

Article Number203.349.22

Product details

Use the hooks to store your kitchenware on the wall and fit more into your cabinets and drawers.Can be hung on KUNGSFORS rail.Can be used in high humidity areas.May be combined with other products in the KUNGSFORS series.Recommended for indoor use only.Designer

Ehlén Johansson

  • Stainless steel
    Wipe clean using a damp cloth and a mild cleaner.Wipe dry with a clean cloth.
  • The material in this product MAY BE recyclable. Please check the recycling rules in your community and if recycling facilities exist in your area.
  • KUNGSFORSS-hookArticle Number:203.349.22
    Width: 4 ½ "Height: ¼ "Length: 4 ¾ "Weight: 2 ozPackage(s): 1

Product size

2 ¼ "
Maximum load/hook: 
9 lb
Package quantity: 
5 pack


My Wife Loves ItJAYWe put it on the wall near the coffee maker for cup and etc. Looks good and works great.5
Classic hooksRoGreat for pans over my stove and hand towels on my kitchen island. I’ve been using these hooks for years, I love that IKEA offers their classic items for sale over a long period of time.5
All Hail the versitle hooksElisabethI think everyone needs a set or 2 of these stashed in their utility drawer. Great for adding to shelving to hand the one odd-sized pan or the colander freat for adding to hanging rods to expand their use. You just need a few in the drawer for when the when expected need arises.5
They have changed the design;4jang2They have changed the design; i prefer the former as i can use it either end... since there's not another option, these will do4
Wonderful to have the rightJoWonderful to have the right size hooks for kitchen tools. Now everything looks put together.5
Not the S hooks we all lovede a wI bought lots of these, then after opening one package, I returned all the others. They are even smaller in length than the old small Grundtal hooks, and the top and bottom curves are also narrower, with the top being quite small. Also, the straighter angle of the hook made it harder, not easier to put the things on the hook. I struggled to find uses for the 5 in the open package and returned the rest. Now I'm searching Amazon for the old large (4) Grundtal hooks, and the smaller ones that about 3 inches. Sigh.2
KungsforsLynneKA simple s hook with style. This product has a nice finish to it.5
GoodElizabethMilwaukeeI live in a rental studio unit. I bought two KUNDSFORS rails and put them side by side above a shelf in my kitchen and then bought several packs of the hooks for my pots, pans, and utensils. Looks very organized and clean. A very inexpensive storage solution.5
They will workBirdee1Was looking for black one to match ones I had but these will do.5
useful little thingsixleGot them last month. Useful for hanging stuff around the kitchen and prettier than regular S hooks.5
Nicely do the jobFrankie JCHooks work great to hang cooking utensils5
Excellent!Lloyd78Great hooks for anything that needs to be hung!5
Different Use for hooksSusanlaneI don’t use these on a rail to hang kitchen tools, instead I have repurposed them to hang decorative items on an antique louvered folding screen. I am pleased with the result and they look far better than bent heavy duty paperclips!5
Excellent quality & good valueLillesaltWhile these work well for a variety of uses, Would have given product 5 Stars if original style “S” Hooks also still available. I use these for many things around the house but new styling dies limit me now. My best idea was to hang my cast iron & frying pans from the wire shelves in my kitchen pantry. I use IKEA’s expandable holder for the lids. Remaining shelves store small appliances, with plenty of extra room to store IKEA brand napkins & their excellent variety of food storage bags (SO much better than “z-xxx” from grocery store. Too bad I can’t post picture.4
great way to organize.Lee44I bought these hooks along with the rods and I am so glad I did. I have used them for years now and love them just as much now as I did back then. I hang my kitchen tools spatulas, spoons, graters, measuring spoons and cups all within a quick reach never have to go looking for them.5
Maxie19My understanding is the item is discontinued & I am heartbroken.5
HooksSandy39Hooks stay in place on rail. Don't slide.5
ExcellentCarmen 50I can maintain the kitchen better organized.5
So many uses!foolishfigI love these hooks, they are very well made and I find myself using them all over the house. Most likely will purchase more next visit.5

Smart storage provides flow in the kitchen

You've also probably experienced this: coming home tired after a long day, knowing that both you and the rest of the family need food as soon as possible. But there are tricks that help make cooking easier. With our wall-mounted kitchen storage series KUNGSFORS, utensils, spices and recipes have their given places on the wall instead of being spread out on the kitchen worktop. With a bit of pioneering we managed to make the wall brackets nicely hidden, too.

When starting to work with KUNGSFORS, we turned to chef and cookbook writer Maximilian Lundin for inspiration. "There are a lot of practical things to be learned from a restaurant kitchen,” says Maximilian. “Like having utensils and ingredients easily accessible so that you have a good flow when cooking, and have plenty of space on the kitchen worktop."

Furnish the kitchen wall

With the help of Maximilian, our product development team created shelves, grids and rails that you either mount directly to the wall or on special suspension rails where you easily complete and move things around without having to drill new holes in the wall. The rails have room for hooks meant for all the utensils, and also room for the special shelf where you can place a tablet with the dinner recipe at eye's level.

Simplifies cooking

The series is made up of many different products and the project required both time and patience from all involved. The team engineer David Zeberg looks back on the work. "One of the challenges was to make the wall brackets of the rails hidden. But I love projects where we do something pioneering and have to test boundaries before finding the solution." For the chef Maximillian, who is passionate about good food, it was a whole new experience to be involved in influencing people's kitchens ─ the environment where food is cooked. "The positive thing was that everyone in the team was so ambitious about ensuring that KUNGSFORS would help to simplify cooking", says Maximillian.

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Designer thoughts

Designer thoughts

The most important thing when I designed the KUNGSFORS series was for it to spread the joy of cooking. The series helps you to have kitchen utensils, spices and ingredients visible, which I think makes the kitchen look nice ‒ while it encourages the appetite and desire to cook. I also wanted it to help make it simpler to keep things in order and make cooking easier. The parts can be combined in any way, so they fit both large and small kitchens ‒ and people's different needs.

Designer: Ehlén Johansson

Function solution

More space and better flow in the kitchen

When spoons, spices, and recipes have their given and visible place on the wall, you get more space and better flow when you cook. With the KUNGSFORS series, it's easy to create a personal combination and store everything so that items are easily accessible and you get a good overview in the kitchen, just like professional cooks. Place the pans on open shelves, the knives on magnetic racks, and utensils on hooks. Then you have everything close at hand and lots of space to work!

S-hook, stainless steel

$2.99/ 5 pack
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KUNGSFORS S-hook, stainless steel


$2.99/ 5 pack