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Kids desk chairs

Kids love having things all their own—especially in a busy home where so many things are built for adults. But they need to get things done too. While they may not have strict deadlines for puzzles or arts and crafts, they still need the same level of comfort, functionality and ergonomic design that adults need as they get things done at work or in the home. Give them chairs that offer cradling support for better posture as they grow into tackling homework and other chores from their own corner of the home.

Kids desk chairs

The need for remote learning has only underscored how every kid needs special support in the place where they study, do homework, paint, practice music or play their favorite pc or console video games. Comfort in their "work stations" is as important and as crucial as it is for corresponding spaces for adults. Besides offering a cushy seat, choose chairs with smart functionality that encourage better posture with cozy support.

What to look for in a kids chair

Helping kids grow in their studies and creative activities is easier with adjustable chairs that help them find the perfect height for their desk or arts and craft table. And as they grow taller, your kids can adjust the height of the chair while continuing to benefit from ergonomic backrests that encourage a healthy posture. Meanwhile, durable, high-quality density foam cushioning provides lasting comfort that helps keep kids busy for hours to come. 

Choose chairs with a swivel function for adjusting the height or simply turning to serve tea to Mr. Bear on the right. Choose chairs without wheels or let kids use smart casters to wheel into groups during arts and crafts or to come together when you're going to read to them. The safety casters have a pressure-sensitive brake mechanism that keeps the chair in place when they stand up, and releases automatically when they sit down.

Find chairs with breathable materials that are also easy to clean—such as kids chairs with covers that are removable and machine washable. 

From solid wood to plastic seat shells with cushioning, select childrens chairs with vibrant colors and a fun, modern design that helps them stand out or fit in with other sleek design elements in the home. 

How to choose the perfect kids desk chair

Smart kids chairs with an adjustable height feature will help your little ones find the perfect height at their desk. Ideally, their legs should be at 90 degrees to the ground as their feet rest comfortably on the floor.