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Customers can bring cats and dogs under 15 kilograms to IKEA stores in Thailand.

Corporate newsJune 2, 2023Last edited: November 16, 2023

Hej, cats and dogs!

At IKEA, we know cats and dogs are always an important part of your family. You’re now welcome to bring cats and dogs under 15 kilograms to shop with you in our stores, except in all food areas. We allow them to enjoy exploring the stores only from inside the trolleys or carts with zip, under your good care at all times. See you!


    • Pets (cats and dogs) whose weight is under 15 kilograms are allowed to enter our stores, except in food units such as Swedish restaurant, Swedish café, Swedish food market, Swedish bistro, and Swedish bakery shop areas. 
    • Pets must always be inside the pet trolleys at all times and are not permitted to circulate freely on the shop floor.
    • At IKEA, we do not have a pet-sitting service. Customers are not allowed to leave their pets in pet trolleys unattended. 
    • Pet owners and/or caretakers are responsible for their pets upon entering IKEA and will be liable for damage and/or harm caused by their pet on IKEA property.