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Make storage part of play with the BYGGLEK collection!

The IKEA® and LEGO® brands teamed up to create a range of simple, functional storage solutions with many possibilities. The inspiration? Play, of course!

Available now at the stores.

Play. Display. Replay.

Playing is fun but sometimes messy. The exciting new collaboration shows that storage can be part of play. BYGGLEK allows kids aged 5 to 105 to escape into their own stories. The boxes can be connected as part of the fun, displayed, and used to store. And when it’s time to clean up, the creativity doesn't have to be taken apart. It's easy to pick up the play again and again.

Continue play anywhere, in any way

The BYGGLEK collection is a range of play storage solutions that create more room for play in the everyday. The BYGGLEK boxes double up as play units, so kids can build inside, outside or around them to make them part of a bigger story.

Play and display

The great thing about the BYGGLEK collection is that kids can escape into their own stories and when it’s time to clean up, their creative worlds don’t have to be taken apart and hidden away. And why stop at one box? Connect multiple boxes together to create a masterpiece.

Storage ideas for all the toys

We have a wide choice of children storage that can help make tidying up easier, faster and maybe even more fun.

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