Sewing service.


Choose your favourite design from our wide range of fabrics in the Textile department. Then head over to our independent Sewing service on G floor which can take care of the sewing for a small fee. All you have to do is to make your choice of style or design and give them the required measurements.

What we do

Our sewing service includes made-to-order curtains, cushion covers, sofa covers and more.


  • On-site evaluation 500 THB per visit
  • Curtain sewing from 90 THB per metre
  • Curtain size adjustment 100 THB per set (minimum charge of 200 THB)
  • Cushion cover 50cm x 50cm from 150 THB per piece
  • Curtain installation 100 THB per set (minimum charge of 500 THB)

How to book an appointment

Speak with a co-worker in the Textile department at the store or proceed to the Sewing Service office at the Customer Service Area.

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