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A sustainable everyday

We want to empower people to live more sustainably, so we’re focusing on affordable, resource and energy efficient products. With home solar panels, veggie hot dogs, and energy-saving solutions, we’re paving the way for more sustainable homes for the many.

How to live more sustainably at home

We understand that more and more people are interested in reducing the impact they have on the planet, but that many don’t really know how to do it. To make this easier we focus on a few key things: energy, air, water and waste.

A young couple preparing food in their galley kitchen. One of them chops a pepper while the other looks in a wall cabinet.

When sustainability is a top priority

A sustainable choice and stylish, long-lasting design- VÅRSTA fronts made with hardwearing, stainless steel bring an industrial, restaurant feel into your kitchen and will inspire the chef inside of you to whip up many marvellous meals just like a pro.

Choosing more sustainable materials

We are continuing our journey towards only sourcing renewable or recycled materials by 2030. We aim to use only renewable or recycled materials and to provide new solutions for our customers to prolong the life of products and materials.

A coarsely woven rug with several printed pictures plus a variety of raw materials including leaves and wool.