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Home Furnishing Accessories for Better Homes

Make life at home better, brighter and more beautiful with our home accessory kits. Each of our bundles has been hand-picked to not only take the stress out of shopping, but also make storing, decorating, and dining more affordable.

Refresh by Giving Plants the Window Seat

Give more plants a spot in the sun! And everyone near them a green boost in the process. Since window space is a limited resource, adding a surface, like a bench or side table, close to the sill enables you to spread the joy.

 A Handy Spot for Green Fingers

Do you have a passion for gardening, and a corner to spare? Why not turn that surface, indoors or outdoors, into a year-round plant nursery? One with accessories for replanting, pruning and care, standing by for whenever inspiration sprouts.

 Accessories to Make the Most of Your Plants.

Greenery is a great furnishing tool to begin with. Add coordinated plant pots and sculptural plant stands, then it's enough to set a green, and refreshing mood for any space.

 Plants for an Easy-care, Evergreen Look

Leave it to a new set of plants to refresh and decorate any space. Going with artificial plants let you create the same effect – only they're just as happy without sunlight, and require no virtually maintenance.

Sunny with a Chance of Barbecue

There's something about preparing food outside that simply heightens the moment. With the outdoor cooking season in full swing, celebrate it by having all the necessities standing by – ready to serve you whenever the forecast is looking up.

Add Some Summer to Your Cooking

Few things add enjoyment to preparing food as taking it outside. A seasonal station with accessories and your choice for the grill – like sustainable, good-for-you VÄRLDSKLOK shapeable plant mince – makes summer cooking a breeze.

A Textile Touch-up of Your Outdoor Lounge

When those precious summer days hit, having your own retreat is priceless. Updated with colourful textiles and glassware to handle refreshments, it works both as a space to greet guests and be your personal, lazy lounge.

Easy Updates for Outdoor Spaces

The outdoor season is here! Take the opportunity to refresh your favourite spot with a textile style injection. Cushions, throws and an all-weather double-sided rug, and you're set for summer.

Lights and Textiles to Maximise Outdoor Time

Having an outdoor spot for soaking up the sun is all good, but a day is only so long. Add cosy lighting and some textiles for warmth and comfort – to your rest, and then recreation corner will works for double shifts.

Hang Your Summer Feelings on the Wall

Summer may be long, yet the sensation of a fleeting moment is hard to shake. Why not create a seasonal shrine that frames the feelings – allowing you to bring back the memories of summer long after it's gone?

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