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IKEA 365+ food storage series

IKEA 365+ food storage system makes it easy to store, save and bring food with you on the go. The food containers, jars and lids can be combined and also come in different materials and sizes. They are super simple - and that's the point.

All IKEA 365+ food storage products are dishwasher, microwave and freezer-safe.

Different materials for different needs

Glass containers

Glass food containers are oven-safe and can be used as an oven or serving dish. They're more aesthetically pleasing, easy to clean and do not absorb odours or colours from the food they store ie. tomato sauce.

BPA-free plastic containers

Plastic food containers are lightweight, and thus, great for takeaways or for storage in refrigerators. You can also stack several empty containers together to save space inside your kitchen cabinet.

IKEA 365+ Food containers

 Plastic lids

Plastic lids have a snap-and-lock function that prevents leakage and is see through. It's ideal for storing leftover food in the refrigerator or packing lunch for your kids and yourself!

 Bamboo lids

This decorative bamboo lid doubles as a potholder when serving hot food and can withstand temperature up to 100°C. It's great for storing dry food like cookies and cereals.

 Silicone lids

Silicone lids create a vacuum that helps to keep food fresh for longer and retain temperature. They can be used in the oven to cover food and prevent spills and splatters.

IKEA 365+ Lids for food containers

IKEA 365+ Food containers with Lids

IKEA 365+ Jars for food storage

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