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Bedtime routines to wake up refreshed

A good night’s sleep has a lot to do with how you prepare for it. Like taking the time to properly wind down and leave the day behind. Here we’ve collected tips on truly calming bedtime routines.

Dimly mood-lit bedroom with a make-up nook, room-dividing clothes rack and reading corner with recliner.
Dimly mood-lit bedroom with a make-up nook, room-dividing clothes rack and reading corner with recliner.

Peel off your daytime face

Having an organised space makes wrapping up your day a mindful experience. Designate a place and time to let the winding down begin. Get changed to your night clothes and take your seat at the mirror. Dim the lights and have a moment to yourself to take off whatever is left on your face and mind. Reverse the order in the morning. Face gets made up, PJs go back on the rack, the prepped outfit put on.

Have tomorrow’s wardrobe waiting for you

Once you’re done sorting your thoughts, go on to sort your clothes. Wear again or laundry bin? Let a clothes rack form the middle ground between you and your wardrobe. Group and prepare to make morning decisions quick and easy.

Arrange a tailor-made sleepy corner

Behind the clothes rack is your own relaxation nook, where you get ready for bed with some very lazy activities. A spot with an irresistible recliner, a shelf for scented candles and favourite reads – and soft textiles hanging within easy reach.

Layers of light, sound and comfort

With a combined lamp and WiFi speaker, you can mood-light your evening rhythm to perfection. To also fine-tune your sleeping comfort, keep extra quilts and duvets – with different degrees of insulation – bedside to optimise your bed temperature.

Dampen the noise around your bed

Comfort around sleep is all about minimising distractions. Sound-absorbing panels around the bed help dampen any noisy traffic or neighbours.

The light where we sleep is a key to both quality of sleep and for waking up feeling refreshed. Natural daylight – or artificial light with similar wavelength – works like an ON switch in us.

Evangelos Delidimitris, IKEA interior designer

Getting up is less hard with a soft landing

When you’ve just woken up, temperatures matter more than ever. To keep the bed feeling for longer, let your feet land on a thick, plush rug. It may seem a small detail, but it can be the difference that makes your morning.

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Interior designer: Evangelos Delidimitris
Photographer: Karl-Johan Hjertström
Writer: Henrik Annemark