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Did you know? You can take home most of our products today with IKEA Singapore, and enjoy them straightaway.

Scents & home fragrance

How do you want your home to smell? Fresh? Flowery? A home fragrance helps set the atmosphere and can help your mood, too – like relaxing lavender. So take a deep breath and find a room fragrance you love. (Since your screen won’t offer much of a sample, a store visit may be in order. Yay!)

We also offer a wide range of vases, floor lamps and sideboards & buffets to set your mood at home.

Mood lighting just arrived in almond and cherry

After a long day, go home and light up the new KOPPARLÖNN scented candle. In a few minutes the room will magically turn into an old-fashioned bakery. Savour the aroma of cherry, almond, vanilla, saffron and cardamom. Close your eyes and enjoy.

Set of 3 KOPPARLÖNN scented pillar candles, one in cherry red, one in light washed grey, and one in white.
A hand liting a KOPPARLÖNN scented candle ceramic jar 45hr​ in almond & cherry brown red​ scent beside a plated pastry dish.