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Product Recycling Fund
The price of this item includes a contribution to a Product recycling fund to ensure that waste electrical and electronic equipment is collected and recycled in a responsible manner.
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Bathroom Accessories

Organising everything in your bathroom

Tired of kicking over the shampoo in the shower or never finding your towel when you step out of it? With bathroom accessories like shower shelves, towel rails and toothbrush holders you can get everything under control. We even have boxes and baskets to sort out your small stuff, plus all those essentials like bathroom scales and toilet brushes.

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BRICKAN wall shelf, white

BRICKAN wall shelf

Width: 33 cm, Depth: 20 cm, Height: 33 cm
VOXNAN knob, chrome effect


$6.90/2 pieces
Width: 45 mm, Depth: 39 mm, Height: 45 mm
ENUDDEN mug, white


Height: 11 cm, Diameter: 8 cm
ENUDDEN soap dish, white

ENUDDEN soap dish

Length: 12 cm, Width: 8 cm, Height: 2 cm
ENUDDEN towel rack, white

ENUDDEN towel rack

Width: 27 cm, Depth: 3.6 cm, Height: 5 cm
BROGRUND soap dish, white

BROGRUND soap dish

Width: 7 cm, Depth: 10 cm, Height: 2 cm
BROGRUND glass shelf

BROGRUND glass shelf

Width: 47 cm, Depth: 11 cm, Thickness: 2.0 cm
BROGRUND hook rack, stainless steel

BROGRUND hook rack

Width: 29 cm, Depth: 4 cm, Height: 7 cm
BROGRUND glass shelf

BROGRUND glass shelf

Width: 67 cm, Depth: 11 cm, Thickness: 2.0 cm
BROGRUND shower shelf, chrome-plated

BROGRUND shower shelf

Width: 250 mm, Depth: 110 mm, Height: 40 mm
VOXNAN shower shelf, chrome-plated

VOXNAN shower shelf

Width: 250 mm, Depth: 130 mm, Height: 60 mm
TOFTAN waste bin, white

TOFTAN waste bin

Length: 19 cm, Width: 23 cm, Height: 27 cm
SVARTSJÖN hook, black


Depth: 6 cm, Height: 18 cm, Max. load/hook: 4 kg
SVARTSJÖN hook rack, black

SVARTSJÖN hook rack

Length: 37 cm, Depth: 4 cm, Height: 8 cm
SVARTSJÖN towel rail, black

SVARTSJÖN towel rail

Length: 46 cm, Depth: 6 cm, Height: 9 cm
DRAGAN box, set of 3, bamboo

DRAGAN box, set of 3

Length: 23 cm, Width: 17 cm, Height: 14 cm
BALUNGEN hook, chrome-plated


$15.90/2 pieces
Depth: 88 mm, Height: 79 mm, Max. load/hook: 4 kg
KALKGRUND shower shelf, chrome-plated

KALKGRUND shower shelf

Width: 24.1 cm, Depth: 11.4 cm, Height: 6 cm
KALKGRUND glass shelf

KALKGRUND glass shelf

Width: 62.4 cm, Depth: 11.2 cm, Thickness: 5 cm
IMMELN hook, zinc plated


$7.90/2 pieces
Depth: 5 cm, Height: 8 cm, Max. load/hook: 2 kg
IMMELN soap dish, zinc plated

IMMELN soap dish

Length: 13 cm, Width: 11 cm, Max. load: 3 kg
IMMELN shower basket, zinc plated

IMMELN shower basket

Width: 24 cm, Depth: 12 cm, Height: 14 cm
STUGVIK towel rack with suction cup, white

STUGVIK towel rack with suction cup

Width: 87 cm, Min. width: 52 cm, Max. width: 82 cm
LOSJÖN hanger, assorted colours

LOSJÖN hanger

$9.90/5 pieces
Max. load: 1 kg, Package quantity: 5 pieces
SVARTSJÖN toilet roll holder, black

SVARTSJÖN toilet roll holder

Width: 17.5 cm, Height: 10 cm, Max. load/holder: 1 kg
LILLA children's potty, green

LILLA children's potty

Length: 27 cm, Width: 24 cm, Height: 18 cm
LOCKIG children's potty, white green, green

LOCKIG children's potty

Length: 36 cm, Width: 27 cm, Height: 28 cm
HÄLEN scale, digital black

HÄLEN scale

Length: 30 cm, Width: 30 cm, Max. load: 150 kg
BROGRUND box, transparent grey, white


Length: 20 cm, Width: 14 cm, Depth: 7 cm
MJÖSA pedal bin, dark grey

MJÖSA pedal bin

Height: 45.5 cm, Diameter: 28.5 cm, Volume: 12 l
SKÅDIS pegboard combination, white

SKÅDIS pegboard combination

Width: 56 cm, Depth: 12 cm, Height: 56 cm
YPPERLIG box with lid, blue

YPPERLIG box with lid

Width: 16 cm, Depth: 15 cm, Height: 12 cm

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