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Christmas trees, wreaths and garlands

Let's bring joy to the home this Christmas! Find everything you need at our Christmas shop.

Spread the holiday cheer – without spreading pine needles on the floor

This Christmas tree and garland bring the same holiday cheer to your home as fresh spruce, with some bonus. They don’t shed so you don’t need to clean up pine needles off the floor. And they last longer and can be re-used year after year. Saving time and money – now that’s the real holiday spirit!

A small VINTERFINT artificial plant on PERJOHAN small stool with a VINTERFINT horse decoration.
VINTERFINT artificial wreath against a blue wall and a Christmas tree with VINTERFINT hanging decoration.

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Shop for artificial Christmas trees, wreaths and garlands — and opt for LED versions if you'd like to speed up your Christmas decoration process!

Looks like the real thing, and lasts for years

IKEA artificial Christmas trees, wreaths and garlands are well-known to look like their natural counterparts, and can withstand years of use without shedding needles or losing their colour.
The VINTERFINT artificial christmas tree is made with a minimum of 50% recycled polyethylene plastic, making it a responsible option for eco-minded consumers. Anchored by a sturdy base composed of at least 40% recycled polypropylene plastic, this tree stands firm in the spirit of sustainability.

Easy assembly, storage and maintenance

It's easy to clean and maintain IKEA artificial plants. Simply wipe them down with a dry cloth to remove dust or dirt. No need for watering or misting, and they won't attract pests. Assembling and storing them is a breeze too. And when the festive season end, it's just as easy to store away for the next holiday season.

Versatile and customisable artificial plants

Our artificial Christmas trees, wreaths and plants are mostly suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces. All you'll need to worry about is where you should exactly place them for home décor.
Christmas wreaths from the VINTERFINT collection can be hung on doors, windows, or mantles - providing a feel that’s welcoming and inviting.
Drape the artificial VINTERFINT Christmas garlands over mantelpieces, bannisters, doorways, and furniture. Create festive centrepieces or add a touch of holiday cheer to your dining table. They're perfect for Christmas trees too!

Environmentally friendly and designed with care

IKEA artificial plants are an environmentally friendly option as they don't require harvesting and can be reused year after year. All IKEA products are made of non-toxic materials, and the absence of real pine needles from our artificial plants means there's no risk of sharp edges or accidental ingestion.