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Doing two jobs to save you space and money, our sofa beds never rest – they leave that to you or your guests. We have a variety of styles and colours, with options like pull-out beds and corner sofa beds. The perfect solution for small spaces, many of our sofa beds have built-in storage for bed linens, too.

Check out our range of Bed linen, Pillows and Duvets to get your home ready for those unexpected guests.

Need an extra seat? Add an armchair to complete your living room set-up.

Sofa-beds let you sit comfortably and sleep well

Contrary to popular belief, sofa beds are not quite comfortable as a regular bed. They're not very spacious, the mattresses are uncomfortable and you can feel the bed frame beneath. IKEA’s sofa beds are here to prove them wrong! From mattresses to bed frames, we make sure that our furniture fits your needs, space and comfort requirements.

Our wide selection of sofa beds are the perfect solution for small spaces. They are functional furniture that work double duty — freeing up floor space and expanding storage, as many of them have built-in storage for bed linens. Spacious seats for lounging in the morning, a comfortable bed by night — our sofa beds work around the clock, an ideal solution to save yourself space and money.

For dwellers in small spaces, a 2-seat sofa bed or day bed would be a perfect choice. Compact yet mighty, simply pull them out, place a mattress on it and transform it into a slumber haven for two! If you are thinking of places to store your pillows, blankets and extra bedding — check out our day beds with storage to stash your extra bedding beneath the bed in drawers for easy retrieval and keep them free from dust. For big families, having a sofa bed in the living room creates a snuggly space for the entire family to lounge, while doubling as extra space to host a sleepover without the need for a guest room.

If you live alone, why not opt for a chair bed? Browse through a wide selection of chair beds that can be transformed into a single bed easily, we have fabric chair beds and sofa bed modules with backrests. Most of our chair beds give you a choice of mattress, so you can go for the comfort level you want. A chair bed is a functional piece of furniture that makes full use of any spaces at home — place a chair bed in a corner, match a side table and a standing lamp with it to create your own reading or lounging corner. When night falls, simply unfold it and the corner is your bedroom within an instant!

To get a good night's sleep on your bed, you need a comfy sofa sleeper mattress. Think mattresses that provide adequate body support and regulate temperature to keep you cool — our sofa bed mattresses have high resilience foam that moulds to your body, and latex layers that facilitate air circulation and help moisture to evaporate. There are different levels of firmness to choose from, so you can find a mattress that suits your sleeping posture. Many also have removable covers for easy cleaning and a style refresh anytime.

Big or small families, spacious or small spaces — a sofa bed is a practical furniture to complete your home with. Select from IKEA’s wide range of sofa beds from leather options to corner modules, then pick removable covers and mattress to go with it. The choice is yours!