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Photo Frames & Pictures

Let’s put down our phones and put up photo frames to show off our favourite photos for a change! All it takes is a picture and frame. We have loads of colours and sizes to choose from to make your home instantly more you. There’s picture ledges, display boxes and art prints to mix into your decor, too.

Check out our wider range of Complete wall shelves, Decorative accessories and Decorative lighting.

Looking to frame a picture? Use our size guide to Find the Right Picture Frame.

For galleries in the groove

With a MOSSLANDA picture ledge you can easily change motives and themes without having to make new holes in the walls.

See all display shelves & picture ledges
See all display shelves & picture ledges
Six ideas for decorating walls.

Easy deco tips with big results

Getting a cosy living feeling at home doesn’t have to be expensive or challenging. Here are six simple tips on how to lift your interior using wall décor.

6 ways with wall décor