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Did you know? You can take home most of our products today with IKEA Singapore, and enjoy them straightaway.

Children's small furniture

From cosy nurseries to big kid rooms, we've got the children's furniture to fit inside your space. Explore our range of childrens table and chairs with a variety of materials, sizes and colours. Keep wooden toys inside toy storage and brighten up with children's lighting.

It’s almost unfair that this stool is for children

Small, sturdy, and bringing a sunny smile to any room, it’s easy to see why our MAMMUT children’s stool is loved by adults too. You’re never too old to love it. Just too big to sit on it.

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Video: Close-up movement around a MAMMUT children’s stool in a white studio space that ends with it being situated in living room.
A yellow MAMMUT children’s stool in a white studio space is shown standing slightly angled so that all four legs are visible.
See the MAMMUT series

Coordinated children’s furniture made easy

From small storage to the big stuff, our furniture series for children’s rooms have got everything covered, whatever their age.

TROFAST toy storage series – Easy to use storage with boxes and more that fit into sturdy frames
FLISAT series – Wooden furniture that will bring a warm, natural touch to your home
SMÅSTAD system – Storage and more for your growing children

The new mobile homework organising trolley

Pencils, paper, a calculator... Why not help your child keep the small things for homework organised and easy to wheel over to wherever they want to use them?

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An ÖVNING trolley stands beside a white SLÄKT bed with storage with MÖJLIGHET bed linen in a children’s room.
An ÖVNING trolley holding a water bottle, a calculator, earmuffs and other items stands beside a white MICKE desk.
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Create a future-proofed desk space they’ll love

A dedicated work zone gives your child room to do homework, play, create and dream. Our desk range includes this PÅHL desk that will grow with them, as well as sleek, versatile options like the MICKE series that loves small nooks. Leave them to add their own finishing touches for a space that hits top marks.

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A white/turquoise PÅHL desk with a yellow MAMMUT children’s stool in front, and a PÅHL desktop shelf holding boxes on top.
A white MICKE desk with three yellow boxes holding stationery, a white FUBBLA LED work lamp, and a decorative hand on top.
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