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We lower prices where we can

We know many people are feeling the pinch right now. To help you get the most from your home, we’re lowering the price on some of our most popular products. At IKEA, we work hard every day to keep our prices as low as possible for you.

White text against orange background reads "We lower prices where we can"

Protect your private space with essentials

Sleep and storage should not be pegged at high costs. Especially when the bedroom's your only private space, you'd want to maximise quality, space and budget.

A ROSENSKÄRM ergonomic pillow without a pillowcase is placed on the bed. The ergonomic pillow has a square tile-patterned surface. Text reads: "ROSENSKARM ergonomic pillow, side/back sleeper. Lower price: $29.90. Previous price: 39.90"
A KLEPPSTAD wardrobe with 3 doors placed against the wall in a bedroom, nearer to the corridor. Beside it is a single bed, which is placed right beside the windows. Text reads: "KLEPPSTAD wardrobe with 3 doors, white. Lower price: $199. Previous price: $229.

Live, work and play (at a lower cost)

Activities at home are not just about play, it's also about your commitments. There's no better time (and price) to make living at home both functional and pleasant.

A black-brown MICKE desk is placed in front of the window in a study room. A laptop, a notebook, and two other books are placed neatly on the table. The table's drawer is open to reveal neatly arranged stationeries. Text reads: "MICKE desk, black-brown. Lower price: $139. Previous price: $169."
A FLISAT children's desk with white surface and woodenf legs is placed against the wall in the corner of a children's playroom. Coloured pens are strewn across the table. Text reads: "FLISAT Children's desk, adjustable. Lower price: $99. Previous price: $119."

Save costs where most of the work is done

When the house gets busy, you'd want to ensure your appliances does quality work for you. Find multiple functionalities and decorations pegged to lower prices.

A pair of hands tilt the HEMKOMST pot, which is covered with a lid and filled with noodles, to remove water from the pot. Text reads: "HEMKOMST pot with lid, stainless steel/glass. Lower price: $39.90. Previous price: $59."
A pair of hands open the SYMFONISK picture frame, which is leaned against the wall on a sideboard, to review the wifi speaker beneath the frame cover. The picture frame cover is black with a patterned surface. Text reads: "SYMFONISK picture frame with WiFi speaker. Lower price: $249. Previous price: $299.

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