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 Our dinnerware sets are available in a range of styles and colours, so you can have your table set up just the way you like it with IKEA plates! Browse our collection of deep plates, side plates, kids plates & bowls and so much more. Buy dinnerware for home online from IKEA.

What’s your serving style?

A college kitchen doesn’t need to be restricted to plasticware and hand-me-down plates and bowls. A great dinnerware set is the backbone of every great meal. It’s also an easy way to showcase the new you.

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Matt light grey FÄGKLAR plate and bowl with Spaghetti and vegetarian balls next to IKEA 365+ glass 30 centiliter clear glass.
Video: Students take plate after plate from a 24-piece FÄRGKLAR service in Matt light grey until there are none left.
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Basic but beautiful table setting inspiration

Bigger gatherings don’t need a fancy table setting to feel festive. With a little creativity, basic tableware can make your table look great.

A MÖRBYLÅNGA table festively set with natural-colour AINA fabric, FÄRGKLAR plates, flowers in vases and various decorations.
A section of a festively set table with stacked matt green FÄRGKLAR plates, KORKEN bottles, IKEA 365+ goblets, and flowers.

Discover some of our dinnerware series

IKEA 365+ dinnerware series - smart, timeless design for all your needs
OFTAST series – classic white dinnerware, beautiful and affordable
UPPLAGA series – beautiful, long-lasting and tough enough for daily use

Dinnerware to bring out the flavour

Plates make a great frame for decoration – natural focal points that are both personal and part of a greater setting. Let wine glasses and tablecloth take things up a notch further, and all you need is to gather a group of guests to share dinner with.

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A decorated table set with braided SOARÉ place mats, folded napkins, beige FÄRGKLAR plates and drinks in SVALKA wine glasses.
Decorative packages of MOTTAGA napkins and TILLAGD cutlery on grey GLADELIG plates on a subtly crinkled linen tablecloth.
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