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Get your bakeware accessories ready, we are stepping into the kitchen. Start by picking a recipe you wish to try, and have all your bakeware accessories ready for a big mess. Discover all the baking tools you need from measuring cups to cake tins. Buy bakeware online.

Bakeware to power up your pies

A delicious way to celebrate the colours and tastes of summer is to capture them – in a pie. Be sure to have a non-stick springform pan, measuring cups and accessories standing by for ripe fruits, berries and baking inspiration.

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A kitchen worktop with a freshly made pie in a STRANDFLY springform pan amid baking accessories.
A person holding a freshly made pie in a STRANDFLY springform pan.
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The messy magic of mixing bowls

Like a canvas of the kitchen, an empty mixing bowl stands ready to go wherever inspiration takes you. To avoid clashing opinions on what to bake, let a hat-and-apron combo show who’s the chef in charge.

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A girl in a VINTER 2021 children’s hat-and-apron combo attacks batter in a white VISPAD mixing bowl with a balloon whisk.
The elastic rear side of an animal-patterned VINTER 2021 children’s hat, adorning a young girl’s head.
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Cake is always in season

The joy of baking is that however wrong it goes, you can (almost) never fail. It’ll still taste great.

A person wearing a HILDEGUN apron and a MARIATHERES oven glove holds a baked cake in a grey HEMMABAK springform pan.
A person squeezes out whirls of icing onto a cake, using piping tubes from the SMAKSAM cake decoration set.