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Glassware & jugs

Whatever the occasion, we've got the perfect dinnerware online for you. Browse glasses, bottles and mugs in a range of styles and patterns, as well as essentials for glassware online, like a carafe or a jar with tap. Our range helps you set the mood and make every gathering more personal and fun.

New patterned-glass bottles keep your drinks fresh

Don’t let the drink or the occasion go flat. These glass bottles have that traditional look, and the old-school stopper stays on the bottle, no more looking for screw tops. Stylish, handy and practical, you can cut down on disposable plastic bottles too.

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Two patterned KORKEN bottles with stoppers on a table with a HAJMAL glass with pattern in front of a vase with flowers.
Two examples of KORKEN bottle with stopper patterned in blue-green standing beside each other, one with a striped pattern.
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Discover some of our glassware series

When you set the table, don’t forget the glassware. Glasses, jugs and carafes for all occasions.

IKEA 365+ glassware series – Glassware for your everyday table
SVALKA series – Design and shape for aroma and flavour
POKAL series – Classic, elegant design
STORSINT series – Styled glassware for enhanced enjoyment

Storage that doubles as decoration

Whenever you can, store kitchen accessories, dry goods and fresh produce out in the open or in clear-glass containers. Besides being more accessible that way, they add to a rustic, food-loving mood, and some much needed cooking inspiration, too.

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A kitchen corner with a sink, wall shelves, a glass bowl and jars and plants on the windowsill.
Pink salt in a SÄLLSKAPLIG bowl made of patterned glass, its lid off, stands amid jars on a worktop.
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