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Home visit: an all-in-one room to suit you

If you only have one room, make it suit your lifestyle, with space to rest, socialize, sleep and work. Three residents of The Nest, a communal living space for 21 entrepreneurs in Copenhagen, show how they make their rooms multipurpose…

A bedroom with bed, coffee table and open storage.
A bedroom with bed, coffee table and open storage.

Room to do what I enjoy

Start by deciding what matters to you, then plan for it. ‘Before I put this room together, I thought about what I wanted to do in here,’ says Frederik. ‘I wanted to be able to work, to have all my clothes in one place, to have friends over for dinner, to meditate and to mess around with music. I also wanted to be as minimalistic as possible – I think it helps you feel good. I’m not totally succeeding, but I’ve tried to avoid overfilling the space, and to have lots of plants! Having a functional room might not sound exciting, but mine lets me do all the things I enjoy, plus I can invite friends in to share my Friday pop-up coffee mornings – 18 was my biggest crowd!’

Welcome retreat

‘My room is centered around the idea of coziness and sleep being important. It’s also a gathering place,’ says Analisa. ‘Two things really make my room – having a big bed and a big table. My bed has lots of pillows and cushions so it can double as a couch. A big table means I can work alone or in a group, I can host my own dinners, and it’s easy for anyone to pop in, pull up a chair and just chat. Home is the place that puts things in perspective. For me, coming home is like a detox – I don’t need lots of things, but I do want to create a feeling of comfort and have a room that looks good.’

A social hub

‘Many of us moved into The Nest because we wanted the chance to be with the people who live here – the community of entrepreneurs,’ says Paul. ‘So even though we have our private rooms, a lot of them are arranged in a way that makes them open and inviting and it’s easy for spontaneous gatherings to happen. It doesn’t mean your door is never closed, but being here makes you realize the feeling of home can be as much about friends as anything else.’

Could you have your world in one room? Take a quick look round some of The Nest bedrooms to see…

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Interior stylist: Åsa Dyberg
Photographer: Daniel Farmer
Artwork in Frederik’s room @faire_art