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IKEA gift cards

The flattest gift ever

When you’re not sure what to buy someone as a gift and with so many products to choose from, why not let them choose for themselves. The IKEA gift card is especially handy for holiday gift-giving, wedding and housewarming gifts.

IKEA Gift Cards are available in any amount from ₱500 - ₱35,000 and is accepted at the IKEA store, Restaurant and the Swedish Food Market. (IKEA gift vouchers are still accepted until the date of validity).

For personal Gift Card purchases, proceed to our checkout counter in the store to purchase.

  • The IKEA Gift Cards can be used to pay for purchases fully or partially at IKEA Check-outs, Restaurant, Bistro, Café, and Swedish Food Market. You may make multiple purchases with the card for as long as it carries IKEA Gift Card balance. The card has no value until it is purchased, and can only be used in-store. In addition, the IKEA Gift Card may only be used in the country where it is bought. The value of the IKEA Gift Cards cannot be exchanged for cash. Lost or stolen cards will not be replaced. The IKEA Gift Card balance does not expire but the card needs to be revalidated every two years.

Finding the perfect corporate gift?

The IKEA Gift Card – the ‘one-gift-fits-all’ so you don’t need to do the picking.

For corporate Gift Cards purchases for your next company event, sales promotion or employee incentive program, contact IKEA for Business for help with your corporate purchase.

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