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Family-friendly facilities

Children are the most important people in the world to us. With family-friendly facilities available in-store, the whole family is sure to have lots of fun while shopping at IKEA Pasay City. Bring your kids to Småland for a magical experience and explore our children's range. All these and more at IKEA!

Children in the ball room

Room to change

At the IKEA store, there are baby changing rooms where parents can attend to the needs of their little ones.

Room to shop

The most important people in the world deserve furnishings made just for them. You'll find plenty of colorful, playful products for kids' rooms. And of course, lots and lots of toys.

Room to eat

If your kids aren't happy, you're not happy, especially when you're shopping together. With our special children's menu and play area, meal times never have to be a chore! Other facilities include high chairs and microwave ovens for warming milk. We also have a baby care room located near the restaurant for you and your young ones.

Room to play

Smäland is a free play area for the convenience of customers who come to IKEA with their children. In Smäland, your kids can play for an hour with ball pools, coloring, and enjoy our IKEA children's toys.

Småland is a play area for kids between the height of 100cm to 130cm.

How to start the fun in Småland?

1. Check entry conditions

Children with a height between 100cm and 130cm, and who are toilet-trained are welcome to play for free

See full entry conditions here.

2. Fill out the sign-in form

Forms must be filled out at the Småland entrance.

Småland is safe

A Småland stamp will be given unique to you and your child. Children can only be picked up by their parents or guardians who signed their forms. Pick-up will be at the Smäland exit. Proper attention will be given to kids by Smäland co-workers in any kind of emergency.

  • Småland is a play area opened daily for kids:

    • Height between 100 to 130 cm
    • Toilet-trained
    • Last admission: 1 hour before the store closing time

    Terms and conditions apply

    1. The parent/guardian(s) indicated on the indemnity form must remain in the IKEA store and respond immediately when contacted while your child/children are/are in the playroom facility.
    2. In order for other children to have the chance to play, each child may use the playroom facilities for a maximum of one (1) hour per day. IKEA, however, reserves the right to remove the child/children before the one (1) hour is up.
    3. As a security measure, only the parent/guardian stated is responsible for registering in/out of the child/children with proper identification.IKEA and its employees, contractors, etc. hereby disclaim all responsibilities for any loss, injury, and/or damage that may occur however caused.
    4. IKEA takes reasonable care to ensure the safety and well-being of your child/children during playtime.

    Småland at the IKEA store, we provide an array of services to ensure that the kids have an imaginative and fun-filled shopping experience.

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