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Christmas gift ideas that bring glee this holiday season

The -ber months have bitten as the cool winds sweep once again. With classic carols playing all around and light dazzling at each corner, there's no denying that Christmas has come! The Filipino Christmas starts right about now and that only means we only have limited time to complete our gift shopping list. To help you accomplish your holiday mission, we gathered themed Christmas gift ideas perfect for each of our loved ones—all bringing glee!

VINTERFINT gift wraps on a birch table.

Eeny, meeny, miney, moe!

Pick a gift, any gift! Your loved ones will surely enjoy these holiday picks for an easier, more sustainable life at home.

Shop all Christmas gift ideas
Shop all Christmas gift ideas

A merry children's Christmas

Every child deserves a rich memory of Christmastime. From hot chocolates to carolings, a child is perhaps the happiest during the holiday season. Give them the gift of play and share precious moments with them building new worlds, letting their imaginations come through!

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DUKTIG toy cash register.
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Yuletide cookfest

What's the best thing about the holidays? The food! It's undeniable that we Filipinos are tied to our culinary roots. Christmas favorites like puto bumbong and bibingka are the main characters of this season. Extend this local love for cooking and getting together by giving our loved ones the right cookware and serveware.

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FINMAT cookware hanging on a shelf.
Food spread on an APTITLIG chopping board.
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Sharing sustainability

There's no better gift this season than the gift of sustainability. Help your loved ones begin their ecological journey with our range of sustainable products.

A woman and a dog sitting on an INGMARSÖ sofa.
KNIXHULT table lamp.
FRÖSET chair on a MARSTRUP rug.
A person carrying a PERJOHAN stool with storage.
BJÖRKSNÄS bedframe in a bedroom.

Fashion forward favors

There are endless ways to gift our friends who are into style and fashion. The gift of space and storage solutions is the perfect gift for them. No more unorganized closets and everything they need right where they should be!

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An open closet with clothes hanging on a MULIG rack and accessories on a SKÅDIS pegboard.
Corner of a room with an IKORNNES mirror, clothes hanging behind it on a BUMERANG hanger.
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Tech hub must-have

Every tech lover desires a complete, functional setup. Be it for gaming, work, or school, it's truly inspiring to be productive in this environment. Provide them with the desk accessories they need and watch them level up in their pursuits!

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A desk with LÅNESPELARE accessories.
A gaming room set up with a KALLAX shelf on the side.
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IKEA Gift Card

The gift of gifts – IKEA Gift Card

Give your loved ones the ultimate gift of gifts this Christmas with the IKEA Gift Card. Let them explore inspirations in-store or use the gift card for a fun feast at the Swedish Restaurant!

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