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Picture & photo frames

That priceless smile, magical sunset, funny fail. Photo frames put those moments you’ve captured on display, so you’re surrounded by meaning and memories. We have lots of picture ledges to choose from, also wall mirrors and wall lamps to complement with.

Looking to frame a picture? Use our size guide to Find the Right Picture Frame.

Add atmosphere. Illuminate your pictures with Display lighting.

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More optionsYLLEVAD Frame 21x30 cm

YLLEVAD Frame, white, 13x18 cm

More optionsRIBBA Frame 30x40 cm

RIBBA Frame, black, 50x70 cmRIBBA Frame, black, 13x18 cmRIBBA Frame, black, 21x30 cm

More optionsFISKBO Frame 50x70 cm

FISKBO Frame, white, 10x15 cmFISKBO Frame, white, 13x18 cmFISKBO Frame, white, 40x50 cm

More optionsHOVSTA Frame 30x40 cm

HOVSTA Frame, birch effect, 40x50 cmHOVSTA Frame, birch effect, 21x30 cmHOVSTA Frame, birch effect, 13x18 cm

More optionsEDSBRUK Frame 21x30 cm

EDSBRUK Frame, white, 30x40 cmEDSBRUK Frame, white, 40x50 cmEDSBRUK Frame, white, 50x70 cm

More optionsFISKBO Frame 50x70 cm

FISKBO Frame, black, 40x50 cmFISKBO Frame, black, 10x15 cmFISKBO Frame, black, 30x40 cm

More optionsHOVSTA Frame 50x70 cm

HOVSTA Frame, dark brown, 30x40 cmHOVSTA Frame, dark brown, 40x50 cmHOVSTA Frame, dark brown, 10x15 cm

More optionsRIBBA Frame 61x91 cm

RIBBA Frame, white, 40x50 cmRIBBA Frame, white, 10x15 cmRIBBA Frame, white, 13x18 cm

More optionsLOMVIKEN Frame 40x50 cm

LOMVIKEN Frame, black, 61x91 cmLOMVIKEN Frame, black, 30x40 cmLOMVIKEN Frame, black, 50x70 cm

More optionsSILVERHĂ–JDEN Frame 21x30 cm

SILVERHĂ–JDEN Frame, gold-colour, 13x18 cmSILVERHĂ–JDEN Frame, gold-colour, 30x40 cmSILVERHĂ–JDEN Frame, gold-colour, 40x50 cm

More optionsKNOPPĂ„NG Frame 40x50 cm

KNOPPĂ„NG Frame, black, 30x40 cmKNOPPĂ„NG Frame, black, 13x18 cmKNOPPĂ„NG Frame, black, 50x70 cm

More optionsEDSBRUK Frame 13x18 cm

EDSBRUK Frame, black stained, 40x50 cmEDSBRUK Frame, black stained, 50x70 cmEDSBRUK Frame, black stained, 21x30 cm

More optionsFISKBO Frame 21x30 cm

FISKBO Frame, light pink, 13x18 cmFISKBO Frame, light pink, 10x15 cm

More optionsKNOPPĂ„NG Frame 40x50 cm

KNOPPĂ„NG Frame, white, 30x40 cmKNOPPĂ„NG Frame, white, 21x30 cmKNOPPĂ„NG Frame, white, 13x18 cm

More optionsRAMSBORG Frame 40x50 cm

RAMSBORG Frame, brown, 50x70 cm

More optionsLOMVIKEN Frame 30x40 cm

LOMVIKEN Frame, aluminium, 61x91 cmLOMVIKEN Frame, aluminium, 21x30 cmLOMVIKEN Frame, aluminium, 40x50 cm

More optionsSILVERHĂ–JDEN Frame 50x70 cm

SILVERHĂ–JDEN Frame, silver-colour, 61x91 cmSILVERHĂ–JDEN Frame, silver-colour, 40x50 cmSILVERHĂ–JDEN Frame, silver-colour, 30x40 cm

More optionsVIRSERUM Frame 30x40 cm

VIRSERUM Frame, gold-colour, 10x15 cmVIRSERUM Frame, gold-colour, 13x18 cm

More optionsLERBODA Frame 16x16 cm

LERBODA Frame, silver-colour, 20x25 cm

More optionsSANNAHED Frame 35x35 cm

SANNAHED Frame, black, 25x25 cm

More optionsVISBĂ„CK Poster hanger 61 cm

VISBĂ„CK Poster hanger, bamboo, 40 cm
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