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Living room

Have a seat and enjoy your home

Comfort has never looked so good! With new colours and raised patterns, sitting on your sofa turns into a way to recharge and spark your creativity. Add some bold cushions and rugs to truly express your style. Showtime!

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A living room with a yellow KLIPPAN sofa, a coffee table in front of it, a rug on the floor and some posters on the wall.
A yellow KLIPPAN sofa seen from above, an EKLUGGMAL multicolour cushion on it and a multicolour IDROTTSHALL rug on the floor.
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A coordinated living room made easy

Check out some storage systems to help keep your home organised and clutter-free.

VIHALS series – Low-price, easy-to-combine storage units with a simple and modern design
BILLY series – The world’s most beloved bookcases that never go out of style
BESTÅ storage system – Customise your ideal storage solution with modular units and fronts

Meet our newest sofas

Have a look at some soft comfy sofas that are just waiting for you to snuggle up on.

VISKAFORS series – Gracefulness meets comfort in this classical sofa with a stately feel
ESSEBODA series – Elegant, traditional-style tufted sofas with plenty of comfort
JÄTTEBO series – Stylish modular sofas with roomy storage underneath

Simple how-to’s to help you live better

From easy storage solutions to affordable ways to give your home a makeover, we have a how-to to make life better.

Secure your furniture to the wall

Make sure you properly fasten all large and tall furniture with the included wall-attachment devices. This is to prevent it from tipping over. Find out more about possible risk factors in the home and how you can avoid accidents.

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