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Guides to sustainable living

To live in a healthy, environmentally-friendly way is easier and more affordable than ever. These guides offer practical ideas that can make your home more sustainable – both to save you money and to help preserve precious resources.

A sequence of life at home sustainability tips includes repainting a chair, turning off a tap and refreshing a sofa cover.

How to choose more sustainable materials

Furniture and accessories can create a big impact in your home. But what impact do certain materials have on the world outside your home? Here you can learn more about some of the renewable and recyclable options available.

See the sustainable materials guide
KNIXHULT bamboo lamp and vase of flowers on a side table at the corner of a bed dressed with white-cotton, DVALA bed textiles.
    Video: A pine, IVAR cabinet mounted on a wall with one door partially open, objects inside and on top changing through animation.
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    How to enjoy a healthier home

    Lack of sleep, poor air quality and not enough exercise are health challenges that many people face today. Happily, there are simple solutions that can encourage better wellbeing at home.

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    Video: A light-pink, GUNRID air purifying curtain billows gently in front of a sunlit window.
    A person in blue jeans and white T-shirt holds a pink mug and rests on a dark grey, LIDKULLEN active sit/stand support.
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      How to eat more sustainably

      What you eat – and what you throw away – has an impact on your health, your bank balance and the environment. This guide looks at some small changes that you could make to your food and kitchen habits.

      See the sustainable food guide
      Two hands slice spring onion on a green/white MATLUST chopping board, next to kitchenware and various fruits and herbs.
        Video: A stack of several food containers of different-sizes, with fruits and vegetables inside, animates up and down.
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        How to choose furniture that lives longer

        Does old furniture always have to go to waste? This guide tackles some of the ways that you can extend its value and prolong its life – whether that’s in your home or even in someone else’s.

        See the sustainable furniture guide
        Video: A woman cleans a light-grey sofa arm, zips up a dark-grey cushion cover and then sits on the same sofa, now with a red cover.
        An IVAR pine chair, painted green apart from half of one leg, stands on newspaper with a tin of paint and a paintbrush.
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          How to save energy and water at home

          Energy and water are major expenses for every household, as well as a huge strain on natural resources. Fortunately, there are many convenient ways to easily cut those costs.

          See the water and energy guide
          A person’s finger on the switch of a white FUBBLA LED work lamp that stands on a blue table top.
            Video: A hand turns on a kitchen tap, the scene cuts to a running shower and then a hand turns off a different model of kitchen tap.
            See the water and energy guide