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Round, plush, square, or fluffy. We love rugs in equal parts for their ability to liven up a room, and well, just the fact that they make things so darn cosy. Not to mention they can help create a sense of definition in your space. Whichever one you choose, rugs are an essential part of any home.

A new rug adds instant personality

A rug adds instant style and personality to a room and has an anchoring effect which creates a cozy intimate space. This one in an earthy tone with geometric pattern brings warmth and flair to your interior, and as it is flatwoven it works just as well under the dining table as it does in the living room.

An aerial view shows a TELEGRAFLINJE rug messily scrunched up on top of a another flat TELEGRAFLINJE rug.
A close-up of a TELEGRAFLINJE rug shows a flatwoven material with geometric patternsin black, rust, and cream colours.

It’s easy to revive a room with a rug

A cosier, warmer feeling, more comfort for your feet and a boost for the whole room. You can give your home all that with a rug.

A living room with a white wooden floor has a TIPHEDE rug, a VOLLERSLEV rug, and a SÖDERHAMN 1-seat section on it.
A two-seat KIVIK sofa with cushions on it stands in a living room corner with its front legs on a TANNISBY flatwoven rug.
A SÄBÖVIK divan bed with KOPPARBLAD bed linen stands on top of a STOENSE rug with a pair of slippers near a window.
On a STRÖG rug are two FRÖSET chairs with MAJSMOTT cushions. In the background are dark grey PAX wardrobes.
Two black PINNIG benches with shoe storage holding shoes, with a VAMDRUP multicolour rug on the floor in front.