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Choosing more sustainable materials

Currently, 60% of the materials we use is renewable, and 10% is recycled. By 2030, all will be renewable or recycled, making it easier than ever to find affordable and sustainable high quality home furnishings.

A white blanket and three white bowls on a GAMLEHULT footstool with books stored inside.
Video: A pine, IVAR cabinet mounted on a wall with one door partially open, objects inside and on top changing through animation.

For many years IKEA has partnered with different organisations to improve responsible forest management globally.

Video: The top of a bed with headboard, dressed with bedding and pillows that change in size and colour as the camera pans across.

Since 2015, all our cotton comes from sources that use less water, pesticides and fertilisers.

TOFTLUND mat on the floor beside a MALM single bed and MALM bedside table in an all-white bedroom.

Consider products made from recycled and renewable materials, like this rug that’s made from plastic bottles.