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Home visit: a communal space designed for sharing

Nest is more than a flatshare, it’s home for a group of entrepreneurs who find support, friendship and shared passions in a communal living situation where coming together for social gatherings and community dinners is a part of everyday life…

A living area with sofa, lighting and picture frames on the walls.
A living area with sofa, lighting and picture frames on the walls.

Room to be together

Nest is a group of four apartments housed in a converted building. Each apartment is designed around the shared areas – the kitchen, bathroom, living and dining rooms – and the private rooms for each Nester. ‘The great thing is that there is always somebody here when you come home,’ says Jane, who moved into Nest a year ago.

Room to feed two or 20

‘We have a few traditions that keep us connected to each other and the idea of Nest,’ says Analisa, the Nest community’s current chairperson. ‘Every second Sunday, we have our common dinner, when all 21 of us share a meal.’

Each Nester has a room of their own and they can furnish it how they like. ‘You decide what’s important to you,’ says Filip. ‘I like being social. I don’t want to live in a place that looks like a bedroom, and I like things to be ordered. I got myself a big table so I can have friends over, I have a high bed to save space and I built a walk-in wardrobe using IKEA PAX.’

What makes Nest special?

The two friends who founded Nest wanted to create a different way to live together, a set-up that would support entrepreneurs. Did they succeed?

‘The value of Nest comes from the people in the network around you – they get what you’re going through. I applied to Nest three times before I got in. It was worth it!’
Analisa, director of innovation and Nest chairperson

‘We gain a lot! This is like family – we take care of each other. Being around people from different backgrounds brings a deeper understanding of life.’
Frederik, data-marketing business developer, hosts pop-up coffee mornings

‘I may buy a flat one day, but it’s not an important life goal. I like that my home is a place with interesting people around, great conversation and a support network.’
Lizette, co-founder, develops smart solutions to social problems

‘My life in Nest is comfortably chilled. Being here has changed my idea of home – it can be about friends.’
Paul, NGO co-founder and works with AI

‘We all have friends outside Nest but making time to see them is hard. Co-living means that even when I can’t see my friends, I’m not lonely.’
Jane, studying for her Masters and setting up an ice-cream business

‘I learn a lot here. It’s nice to have other people’s opinion about stuff. You can think you’re right, but after hearing a different story from 10 others, maybe you’re wrong!’
Filip, hairdresser, launching his own white-label range of products

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Interior designer: Åsa Dyberg
Photographer: Daniel Farmer