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Finance options

If you’ve found out how you want your dream home, but need some help spreading the cost, we can offer you a range of finance options to help you make your ideas a reality.

What we do

Benefit from our 0% interest loan:

  • Duration from 3 to 24 months.
  • Purchase amount between 2 000 DH to 150 000 DH.
  • Interest free loan for home furnishing.


To benefit, vouchers are necessary to constitute your file.

If you are a customer of Wafasalaf:

  • ID card copy
  • Last bank statement
  • Last pay slip

If you are not a customer of Wafasalaf:

  • ID card copy
  • Proof of Address (less than 3 months)
  • Last three bank statements
  • Specimen check

Includes also:

If you are a civil servant or retired:

  • An engagement state or attestation of salary or pension.

If you are employed in the private sector:

  • Last two pay slips
  • A work certificate

If you exercise a professional activity:

  • Copy of the professional card
  • Commercial Register (modèle J)

Subject to acceptance of your application by WAFASALAF.

See terms and conditions at our store.

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