Delivery services

Pictogram of a truck.

Delivery services

Most of our products are flat packed and designed in such a way that they can easily fit in your car. However, if you prefer to have your purchase delivered, you can book a delivery service that can be combined with a picking service.

See here how we will secure the safety of your family and our co-workers when delivering your purchases to your home.

Regular delivery service – starting 250 DH

We can deliver in all Morocco.



Zone 1 : Cost 250 DH, within 35 km from IKEA Zenata.

Zone 2 : Cost 250 DH, From 35 to 100 km from IKEA Zenata.

Zone 3 : Cost 750 DH100 to 350 km from IKEA Zenata.

Zone 4 : Cost 2000 DH, Beyond 350 km from IKEA Zenata.


Delivery is limited to the national territory and is in one travel via a single truck

Parcel delivery – 60 DH in all Morocco

Our parcel delivery service is a service offered to our customers and it is about delivering small products from our range directly to your home in a quick and cost-efficient way.

A single parcel can weigh up to a maximum of 20 kg and have dimensions 35x55×100 cm.


For more information, talk to one of our co-workers at your local IKEA store or contact us.