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Gingerbread city, here we come

It’s a yearly phenomenon: your kitchen turns into a construction site filled with little engineers eager to build, decorate and wreck gingerbread houses. It may be a stormy ride, but overall forecast: starry-eyed children with a chance of sweet snowfall.

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A child holds an IDEALISK flour sifter over a decorated landscape of VINTERSAGA mini gingerbread houses.
A decorated VINTERSAGA mini gingerbread house and a VISSVASS lighting chain in an ongoing icing-sugar snowfall.
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Meatless meatballs coming right up!

The HUVUDROLL plant balls are as easy to prepare as they are delicious. So, why not involve the little ones? It’s a great way to empower and educate them around food – and you get to spend quality time together as a family.

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A white RISATORP trolley with saucepans and utensils is in the corner of a kitchen, where a woman and boy cook.
A bag of HUVUDROLL plant balls beside a plate of vegan meatball appetisers; a frying pan contains more in the back.
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LÄTTLAGAT ready meals – as close to homemade as it gets

The tasty LÄTTLAGAT ready meals are based on our iconic and beloved meatballs – choose between various plant-based and meat-based balls and enjoy them at home or take them to work.

Packaging from LÄTTLAGAT plants balls with mashed potatoes on a stone worktop, next to a ready meal, fork and knife.
A woman wearing a yellow top is placing a LÄTTLAGAT ready meal into a microwave oven.
Three LÄTTLAGAT ready meals lined up on a stone worktop. There is a sprig of basil, an onion and a potato in front.
A white plate with LÄTTLAGAT vegetable balls with rice, green beans, carrots and curry sauce.
A LÄTTLAGAT ready meal placed on a pink plate, next to a laptop computer, a notebook and a glass of water.

See that salmon sizzle

Fresh out of dinner ideas? Then it’s probably time for seafood. Scrumptious, full of salubrious stuff and easy to combine. Sear a batch of salmon fillets (go easy on them), add tasty lemon and dill sauce and mixed grains, and serving supper will go swimmingly.

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Packs of BÄSTISAR mix of grains with mushrooms and LÄCKERGOM lemon and dill sauce surrounded by cooking accessories.
Two SJÖRAPPORT salmon fillets in a VARDAGEN carbon-steel frying pan placed on a gas hob.
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